The Importance of Following Your Intuition

blog intuition May 31, 2020

The reason why you want to be following your intuition is that it is always leading you towards your greatest life.

Why follow your intuition?

We live in this energetic world where we want to manifest great things. Whether it's starting a family, finding your soulmate, having a million dollars, having your dream career, traveling the world or whatever manifestation looks like for you. We all want different things. And that's the beauty of this. When you're putting that intention out to the universe, the universe is also giving you messages back. The universe is talking to you, it's telling you and pointing you in the right direction, every single day.

But the big question is, are you listening?

Are you paying attention to the signals that the universe is giving you? The universe has access to not only everything in existence but everything that you could ever want to manifest or create. When you put an intention out to the universe of something you want to manifest, you are creating an energetic field of that, and it is already manifested. When you connect to your higher self, your higher self knows that that is possible for you. But here in this physical body, it takes a little while for you to catch up. If you really want to get there faster, you need to be an energetic match with what you want to create.

Ego vs. intuition

Be aware of the differences between your ego and intuition. Your ego is fearful, loud, and forceful. It often is attached to very strong emotions and logic—but not all the time. Your ego is that voice in your head that doesn't believe the things that are possible for you. There’s no reason to be listening to that. What you need is to listen to your intuition.

Every single day, you are receiving intuitive information. There's a lot of different ways that you can interpret where this intuition comes from. What you need to know, first and foremost, is that divine guidance is always working for you. It is always on your side.

The Clair senses

Your intuition can come in a variety of ways. The five major ways you might receive intuitive information is through these Clair senses:

To know more about these Clairs, feel free to click on each of the corresponding links. You can also download this in-depth guide on developing these Clairs below:


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