What Is Clairsentience?

blog intuition psychic Jul 07, 2020

Clairsentience is a psychic ability tied around having a clear sensation. As a clairsentient, you may: 

  • Receive psychic and intuitive information through your physical body
  • Have a heightened sense of physical sensations
  • Pick up physical aches and pains from other people
  • Experience a lot more physical pain than the average person


You are in tune with your physical body

As a clairsentient, you are hyper-aware of the subtlest energetic shifts within your own body. You may be a little more sensitive to food, allergens, or even to moon cycles. Because of your heightened senses, you may even experience psychometry, which is the ability to unfold facts about objects and even people you touch. 

Celestial bodies speak to you

Sometimes, you may feel very different at the New Moon than you are at the full moon. And you may want to start tracking some of that because you'll get a lot of clarity about who you are as an individual, and how to manage your time according to the celestial shifts.

You feel connected to history

Clairsentients are interested in things like museums, history, or going into old houses because you're able to process energy information contained in old spaces. You're very curious about what it would have felt like and what the experience would have been like to live in a different era or a different culture.

You like arranging things in your space

The practice of Feng Shui is also very important to you. The belief that the way you organize and live in your space is something that resonates with your inner being as a clairsentient. Your physical environment can affect your energy greatly, so you might be the type of person that rearranges things every once in a while to find a better flow for things.

You indulge in self-care

Taking care of your physical body is also going to be very important to you as a clairsentient. Diet and exercise are a part of your routine. You appreciate healthy food and what it does for your body. You may also need a little more sleep than the average person in order to physically recover from your daily activities.

Clairsentients are also hypersensitive to clothing, so you tend to lean towards comfortable garments when dressing up.

You like to move a lot—and you tend to bring that even in work

Someone who's clairsentience tends to be really great in careers that somehow involve the physical body. You may be a massage therapist, a chiropractor, a physical therapist, a gym instructor, and so on. 

How do I manifest with clairsentience?

When manifesting your inner clairsentient, it's going to be very important for you to focus on what it feels like. Focus on sensation. What does it feel like to have your hands on the wheel of that fancy new car that you're driving? What does it feel like to sit in that comfy chair in your mansion, drinking your cup of coffee out of your beautiful espresso machine in the kitchen?

Allow yourself to feel, and you will receive the message that is meant for you. 

How do I develop clairsentience?

It’s important to understand your psychic abilities and your intuitive abilities. Everything in our reality everything in this universe is made up of energy—even yourself. You are an energetic being. Your physical body is just a manifestation of this one point in time. But you are a soul. You are a greater consciousness and part of a holistic consciousness as well.

Simply put, you are connected to everything. Your very own being—physically and spiritually—is constantly receiving energy information and interpreting it into something familiar and tangible. You're opening yourself up and be more aware of all the different subtle shifts on an energetic level. And that is how you are able to receive more psychic and intuitive information.


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