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How To Start A Meditation Practice For Beginners

Meditation is one of the most powerful practices you can add into your life.

Your mind controls your thoughts, your emotions, every cell in your body, and controls how you respond to everything in your external environment.

When you learn to master your thoughts, your entire life turns around.

You can find endless amounts of studies on the physical benefits of meditation as well, like lowering blood pressure and healing depression. 

Meditation is simply a practice in focusing your attention.

It sounds simple, and it is. But the world we live in today with electronics and social media brings us addictive patterns of instant gratification and a short attention span. 

The #1 reason why most people only try meditating once or twice is because they don’t have the patience for it.

Since they’re not great at focusing their attention yet, they get frustrated and give up quickly. 

 Does this sound familiar?

My goal is to make this very simple and easy....

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7 Lessons in Manifestation

I’ve found that understanding the science behind your divine soul is a really important subject to teach, because when you understand the science behind quantum physics, about how the world works, how the universe works, and the energy behind manifestation, it helps give you a very clear picture in your mind of how all of this stuff is actually real.

Some people just teach the spiritual side of it, and focus all on feelings (which is great and absolutely necessary!).

But for all of us who have very logical mindset, understanding the science behind manifestation and your divine soul is super helpful.

For me, it just grounds me more and more in the belief that everything is energy, and we have the power to create whatever we want in our lives through our intention, thoughts, and energy.


Lesson One: Everything is literally energy; You are primarily energy


The mind actually tricks us into believing that we are separate. That we are separate from other people. That...

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Omg… I’m Still Not Ready For 2019!

So we’re two weeks into 2019, and I haven’t even began to think about New Year Resolutions, goals, or my game plan for this year.

Thoughts have floated through my mind, I’m compiling a little list as things come up, but overall, I’m not in the zone for 2019 yet…. And I’m okay with that.

In the last two months, I’ve been so stressed out that I got sick twice, I totaled my car (thankfully I am completely safe and healthy from the crash), then I got a back spasm that stopped me from working out for 3 weeks (which has now turned into 5 weeks… once you stop it’s tough to start again), the new car I got wouldn’t start last week, and I had some major family drama!!!

So don’t feel bad if you’re stressed from the holidays, still getting over being sick (for the second time like me), and haven’t been consistent going to the gym since the first of the month.

If you’re feeling like your life is falling apart...

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3 Simple Practices To Help You Through The Holiday Stress

The holidays are always an interesting time of year. We are busy with family events, holiday parties, shopping, and still working like crazy to meet end of the year deadlines. 

Unfortunately, it tends to be the time of year that we also feel run down, get sick, and sometimes more depressed. The sun goes down earlier and we are eating more sweets than usual, which creates a negative balance of hormones released in the body.

On top of that, you might be stressed about visiting family for the holiday and seeing people that you still hold some past resentment towards.

Or maybe you’re reflecting on all the things that could have gone better this year, the things you wish you did but didn’t, or are hard on yourself for not meeting all your 2018 goals.

Take a moment to notice what might be coming up for you. What “not so great” emotions or thoughts are coming up for you?

If you’re on top of the world and completely happy, that’s great! You’ll...

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You Can Have It All!


The truth is, you can have anything you want! Seriously!!! All you have to do is believe in what you want, get aligned with it, and take the inspired action to move towards it. Your beliefs about not being able to have it all is the only thing holding you back. So start making the shift now! Move towards your dream life!!

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Create Joy Now, Not Later


 Life is meant to be enjoyed. Life is about having fun, doing the things we love, and focusing on the positive. Is that what you do on a daily basis?? If you're like most people, probably not. And to be honest, I wasn't enjoying life for a long time. I wasn't unhappy, but I definitely wasn't living each life to the fullest. Check out this video for weekly inspiration!

Blog: Radiating Happiness!

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Using Your Emotional Guidance System


Abraham-Hicks teaches how to get into alignment through using your emotional guidance system. Learn how to know when you're using your internal compass correctly or not. I share with you techniques on how to start changing your thoughts and emotions to get your life on the right track!

Other videos you may enjoy:

Are you in alignment with your Spiritual Power 

What is Mind-Body-Spirit 

The law of intention and desire 

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How Your Emotions Cause Physical Pain


Whether you realize it or not, every thought, emotion, belief, and feeling you have creates a physical reaction. Many of the negative emotions we hold onto can cause tension and pain in the body. Your mind has the power to heal your body.

Check out my video to learn more about how your physical pain might be coming from your emotions and how to start clearing out the junk so you can feel better!

Other videos you may enjoy:
Radiating Happiness: 

How to reprogram your subconscious mind: 

Letting Go and Moving On: 

How to meditate for beginners: 

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What is Mind-Body-Spirit?


Being aware of your mind, body, and spirit is important for your overall wellbeing. As we master our mind through being aware of our thoughts and emotions, we can completely change our lives for the better in every areas. You can improve your perspective on life to have more enjoyment and fulfillment in every moment. By taking care of your body, you will physically and emotionally feel better. You mood and energy improves as well as your overall health and longevity. Spiritual alignment comes from being happy, following your desires, reaching your goals, being present, and finding fulfillment in your life. Spirituality is not dependent on following a religion. We are all more spirit than physical body, and we all are connected to the higher source. By getting into alignment with your passions and creating your own happiness, you will be fulfilling you life's experience.

Other videos you may enjoy...

What is mindful thinking? 


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Law of Attraction Exercises


Start practicing mastering the law of attraction with these simple exercises. The most important step in any law of attraction exercises is feeling. You must embody the entire feeling of what it is like to have what you want. Imagine that you already have what you want and give thanks. Be grateful for receiving the abundance and your vibration with be matched soon enough with the item you want.

Video "What is the Law of Attraction?": 

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