Manifestation Freebies

The Download Library Includes...

  • Natalie's Top 12 Video Tutorials:
    • On Meditation, Reclaiming Your Power, Becoming the Greatest Version of Yourself, Law of Attraction, Changing Your Habits, Letting Go, and More!
  • 3 Guided Meditations on Self Love, Confidence, & Calm

  • 11 PDF Downloads: Journal Prompt Worksheets (Including "Get out of a Funk Workbook" for those tough days!) AND Quick Guides for: The Art of Manifestation, Angel Numbers, 7 Spiritual Laws of Success, Dream Life Affirmations, Morning Routine Ideas, & Money Magnet Mantras

  • 36 Desktop & Phone Affirmation Wallpaper

  • 12 Instagram Bingo Templates for Manifestation, Intuition, & More


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