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Soul Mastery School

Manifestation & Intuition Mastery

This foundational course includes training on Manifestation, the Law of Attraction, Mindset Reprogramming, and Intuition Development, including several powerful bonuses. Get Lifetime Access to the VIP Community and More!


Manifesting Success & Abundance 

This 4-course success bundle includes everything you need to overhaul your relationship with money, wealth, and time management. Money Mindset Makeover, Rich Habits, Time Strategies: The Divine Feminine Timetable, and Rapid Habit Strategies.


Manifesting Love & Healthy Relationships

You are worthy & deserving of receiving and giving love right now. Learn how to manifest your soulmate love and master what it takes to keep your love life happy for a lifetime! Manifesting love is one thing, and keeping your love around is another.


Channeling & Psychic Mastery

Learn how to channel your guardian angels & spirit guides and develop your psychic skills. Everything you need to safely and consistently experience the divine power and wisdom of the non-physical world. Finish with a Certificate in Channeling & Psychic Mastery.


Manifesting Health & Healing

This course dives deep into all the essential elements of healing on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level in order to heal chronic illness, have more energy, and manifest more with your unlimited power.


Group Coaching Mastermind

Group Coaching Mastermind Membership

Get access to Zoom coaching calls face-to-face with Natalie every month, an accountability group, and 1:1 strategy sessions. This is a special opportunity to ask all of your manifestations and channeling questions. The fastest way to get unstuck and manifest faster is with coaching.


Meditation Bundles

Spirit Guide Meditation Bundle

Four guided meditations to help you instantly access your angles, spirit guides, spirit animal, and higher self. Guided meditations allow you to completely surrender to the experience giving you more vivid visions and messages instantly. This bundle also comes with a bonus Angel Handbook.


  • Meet Your Guardian Angels [25 mins]
  • Meet Your Spirit Guides [17 mins]
  • Higher Self Meditation [17 mins]
  • Spirit Animal Meditation [10 min] 

(these meditations are included in Channeling & Psychic Mastery)


Healing Meditation Bundle

Experience quantum healing from your past and your energy field, and learn how to calm your stress & anxiety. These mediations address clearing multiple layers of energetic debris that are muddying your energetic field. This bundle is everything you need for deep energetic and spiritual healing.


  • Calm Stress Meditation [12 mins]
  • Inner Child Healing Meditation [28 min]
  • Energy Clearing Meditation [9 mins]
  • Cord Cutting Meditation [10 mins]

(these meditations are included in Manifestation & Intuition Mastery)


Chakra Meditation Bundle

Experience the full range of your chakra power. Learn how to balance, enhance, and tap into the psychic wisdom that your chakra energy centers are communicating to you. This bundle will allow you to experience your energy centers on a whole new level! Great for experienced & newbies to chakras.


  • Chakra Balancing Meditation [30 mins]
  • Opening Your Channeling Chakras [18 mins]
  • Psychic Chakra Questioning Meditation [31 mins]

(these meditations are included in Channeling & Psychic Mastery)


Success Meditation Bundle

Start manifesting more money now! This meditation is designed to heal your relationship with money and start manifesting more abundance in your life. This is a quick and easy way to reprogram your mind to attract more money into your life.


  • Transformational Wealth Hypnosis [17 mins]
  • Money Manifestation Meditation [6 mins]
  • Success Walking Meditation [6 mins]
  • Step into Your Power Hypnosis [16 mins]
  • Self-Confidence Meditation [7 mins]

(these meditations are included in Manifesting Success & Abundance)


Psychic Meditation Bundle

Expand your psychic awareness with this 5 meditation bundle. Develop your psychic higher self intuition with the intuitive questioning process and asking your chakras questions. Open your third eye and crown chakras for psychic information to come through.


  • Psychic Amethyst Cave  [13 mins]
  • Intuitive Questioning Meditation [35 mins]
  • Higher Self Meditation [19 mins]
  • Opening Your Channeling Chakras [18 mins]
  • Chakra Questioning [31 mins]

(these meditations are included in academy level 1 & 2)


Love Meditation Bundle

Become a love magnet by healing old love wounds and aligning & visualizing your soulmate love in your life! When you clear your energy field of past love pain, you start with a clean slate. By amplifying your heart center, you naturally radiate love. This allows you to attract more genuine love in the dating world and in your current relationship if you have a partner.


  • Attracting Love Meditation [15 mins]
  • Visualizing Love Meditation [17 mins]
  • Healing Love Wounds [17 mins]
  • Self-Love Meditation [5 mins]

(these meditations are included in Manifesting Love & Healthy Relationships)


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