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Step into Your Power Academy (Bestseller!)

This course that gives you everything you need to manifest your ideal life and develop your intuition. It's designed to get you results fast!

You'll learn about your divine connection to source, practice meditation, learn how to following your intuition, create your life vision, master reprogramming your subconscious mind for success, and so much more.

You get lifetime access and can move at your own pace. This course includes over 45 video tutorials, 11 workbooks, 5 guided meditation, 2 hypnosis, facebook community & coaching, and lots of bonuses!


Success Meditation Bundle

5 Meditations & Hypnosis:

This powerful meditation bundle is designed to help you manifest more of what you want in your life & help you reach success faster! Each audio includes music & affirmations designed to reprogram your mind for success, confidence, & wealth. This is the fastest way to shift into the life you've been wanting to manifest.

Step into Your Power Hypnosis (16:12 minutes) -- Money Manifestation Hypnosis (16:51 minutes) -- Money Manifestation Meditation (5:37 minutes) -- Walking Meditation for Success (6:13 minutes) -- Self Confidence Meditation - Upbeat Music (6:58 minutes)


Money Manifestation Meditation

Shift your thoughts to be in alignment with the financial abundance you dream of having. When you program your mind to think like the wealthy, you become wealthy. This 5 minute meditaiton is a simple yet powerful way to program your mind for wealth.

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