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Intuitive Manifestation Coaching


If you are looking to reach your manifestation goals faster, master the intuitive manifestation process, and take radical action to up-leveling your life without making excuses, then you've come to the right place.


1:1 Intuitive Manifestation Coaching with Natalie is a unique experience that you won't find anywhere else.


Natalie has an unparalleled style of coaching that combines not only her skillsets in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, and expertise in the health & wellness field, but she also uses her psychic, intuitive, metaphysical, energy healing, as well as spirit guide & angel channeling skills to assist you in making quantum leaps with your ability to manifest and reach all of your life goals faster.

Often what is holding students back from their manifestations is their inability to see their "blind spots" or "blocks." Natalie can quickly tap into these energetic, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical blocks allowing you to process and move through them faster than if you were to do the inner work alone.

Reach Your Manifestation Goals Faster!

Transmute Your Manifestation "Blocks"

Personalized Program To Align Your Unique Life!

Divine Channeled Guidance & Healings

All Intuitive Manifestation Coaching sessions are personalized specifically for you based on your goals, questions, and what you desire to manifest. 

Each week we will go into your energy together and look at where resistance is coming from that may be blocking you from manifesting success or reaching your goals in life (career, financial abundance, relationships, health, etc.).

We'll discover what "blocks" you have, what can be done to heal them, and how to move through them. Natalie teaches all clients how to tap into their own intuitive abilities, channel their guides, and master the manifestation process. 

"I manifested $30,000 in less than two weeks!"

“My sister and I are supporting a family member who needed finances asap. We didn't know how we were going to pull this off. I did Natalie's manifestation journaling exercise. Then a few days later, the finances came through! We didn't have to take out a loan! It was going to be $30 grand, and we manifested it! I texted Natalie, “Manifestation Works!” It's wild! I'm so grateful that this happened.”

~ Elizabeth Sande, Actress & Dancer

"Natalie truly embodies her teachings & practices what she preaches."

“Natalie is so intuitive and connected. She not only teaches you how to do that yourself but models that for you in coaching sessions, which I think is awesome! Natalie is extremely connected with the spiritual realm and the beyond. I love her confidence in that. I feel she really walks in that boldly, and I feel like that's a gift of hers.”

~ Allison Sande, Therapist

"I saw my financial struggles fading away. Wealth was just coming to me from the most unexpected places!"

“Before working with Natalie, I was really struggling with myself internally. I was speaking negatively to myself and really struggling with self-confidence. I was just so ready to manifest this life, and I've just seen a huge difference in my positivity, my vibe, and my relationships.”

~ Daneen Celaya, Entrepreneur

"I knew Natalie was the coach I had been looking for right away!"

“She taught me things on a deeper level and in a way that I never understood before. She takes you through every step of shifting your limiting beliefs, explains how energy works, the law of attraction, and how to shape your identity. I listen to her hypnosis every night, and the money manifestation meditation is incredible!”

~ Nicole Manning, Business & Marketing

1:1 Coaching is RIGHT for you if: 

  • You desire to manifest more joy and fulfillment in all areas of your life 
  • You want to take charge of your life and be empowered
  • You're coachable and ready to take massive action to create your dream life
  • You believe in divine spiritual guidance through God, angels, spirit guides, your higher self, or any other labels you choose to give to the spiritual world
  • You aspire to fully trust your own inner guidance and practice following your intuition every day
  • You're willing to step outside your comfort zone and expand your limits
  • You're ready to let go of all excuses and finally get real manifestation results

1:1 Coaching is NOT for you if:

  • You expect Natalie to simply predict your future and tell you what to do next (this program is about you being empowered, skilled, and manifesting with your free will... NOT becoming dependent on someone else to guide you)
  • You're looking for superficial manifestations without a deep inner transformation
  • You'd rather make lots of excuses, blame things outside of yourself for your current results, and not take responsibility for how you're showing up for your life
  • You're not coachable, don't take action, and aren't willing to put in the effort to embody manifestation
  • You're not open to new ways of experiencing spirituality

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*Natalie only takes on a handful of clients at a time. Space is limited, and it's possible that you may be put on a waitlist. If you feel this level of coaching is perfect for you, complete the application form below and schedule your interview discovery call today so that you don't waste another day that you could be experiencing your manifestations. 


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