Intuitive Success Coaching

All Intuitive Success Coaching sessions are personalized specifically for you. Based on your goals, questions, and what you desire to manifest, psychic impressions come through me to let you know what is coming next in your life and what to do to accomplish your goals faster with more ease.

Sessions may include: questions about how to navigate current challenges, what's in your future, past lives, communication with someone who has passed away (or hasn't been born yet), animal psychic reading/communication, dream interpretation, manifestation mastery, intuitive development.

1 Hour Single Coaching Session: $444
25 Minute Coaching Session: $222

Next Level Coaching Program

This is a year-long coaching program that includes access to Step into Your Power Academy, 2 Monthly Coaching Calls, 1 Monthy Distance Healing & Chakra/Aura Evaluation, plus email access to Natalie. 

This program is designed for those who want to up-level their lives quickly, are committed to manifesting their dream life, and want to master their intuition and channeling skills for divine guidance every day.

1 Year of Coaching & Healings $10,000 - by Application & Interview Only

Discovery Call & Application Process $97


Distance Reiki & Crystal Grid Healings

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction & relaxation that promotes healing. Divine life force energy is channeld through the healer to the healee.

This healing session is combined with a crystal grid created specifically to help rebalance your energetic system, aura, & chakras.

Distance Reiki & Crystal Grid Healing Session:

25 Minutes: $222

1 Hour: $444


Hypnosis Manifestation Series

The fastest way to manifest something specific is to reprogram your subconscious mind to receive it. Hypotherapy is the most effective way to tap into the subconscious mind and create permanent change quickly.

In this series, you choose one thing you want to manifest into your life, and I will help you discover your mental blocks around it. Then I will create a personalized guided hypnosis just for you that's specific to your blocks.

This series includes two psychic success coaching sessions and a hypnosis MP3  created just for you!

Hypnosis Manifestation Series: $997


Step into Your Power Academy (Bestseller!)

This course gives you everything you need to manifest your ideal life and develop your intuition. It's designed to get you results fast!

You'll learn about your divine connection to source, practice meditation, learn how to following your intuition, create your life vision, master reprogramming your subconscious mind for success, and so much more.

You get lifetime access and can move at your own pace. This course includes over 45 video tutorials, 11 workbooks, 15 guided meditations, 2 hypnosis, facebook community & 6 months of coaching, and lots of bonuses! 



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