The Soul, Higher Self, and Ego-Self - Understand the Difference

The soul, ego, and higher self are all different parts of you that play a role in intuition. For most, the soul vs ego is easy to understand, but the soul vs higher self may need more clarification. So, if you’re wondering what is your soul then you’ve come to the right episode. I’ll be explaining what is your higher self, what is your ego, and even touch on the subconscious mind and unconscious. All of these parts of you influence your manifestations. They all play a role in the law of attraction and manifesting your dreams. Manifesting is challenging when your false self or ego self is running the show. Most people are acting out of ego, which slows down manifestations. To truly trust yourself in your spiritual awakening you must act from your true self or higher self. 

In this episode:

  • I explain what your soul is and how it interacts with manifestations and intuition
  • I cover what the ego is and exactly why it exists in the first place
  • You’ll learn how to recognize your ego when it shows up
  • You’ll get a better understanding of what your higher self is and how to embody this part of yourself more to manifest faster



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