How Specific Do My Manifestations Need To Be?


One clarifying question about manifestation and the law of attraction I often get is “How specific do I need to be?” Manifesting is more than just affirmations and positive thinking or visualization. To manifest quickly, you must have a clear intention and raise your vibration to match your vibrational frequency. Every word you speak is an incantation that creates instant manifestations. Manifesting is a spiritual practice that includes mastering success habits, focusing on self-improvement, and knowing your spiritual manifestation types. You can manifest quickly if you get as specific as you personally need and believe with complete faith. The law of action will help you manifest now.

In This Episode:

  • Understanding how both specific and non-specific manifestation types work
  • Determining which manifestation type is best for you
  • Allowing for God or the Universe to bring you unexpected miracles even if you’re a specific manifestor
  • Allow for new opportunities when you’re a non-specific manifestor
  • Taking aligned action no matter which detail type you are



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