What is Clairaudience?

blog intuition psychic Jun 28, 2020

Clairaudience is a psychic ability tied around having a clear hearing. A clairaudient may experience some of these impressions:

  • A heightened sense of hearing
  • Sensitivity to high and low pitches of sound
  • High responsiveness to someone’s shift in tone and voice

 Someone who has a heightened sense of hearing is more likely to receive psychic and intuitive information through sound. This means you might be receiving a lot of intuitive messages from your spirit guides and your angels in the way of thoughts and messages that you hear inside your mind or outside of your body. 

You quickly pick up on changes in tone

A big part of how you receive communication from other people is the awareness of the tone in their voice. You can tell a lot, by every little shift, what that means on an emotional level for them, or how they're communicating the message to you.

You may also have the skill set of being telepathic where you pick up other people's thoughts very frequently. For example, someone is about to say something but you say it first. You heard it as maybe one of your own thoughts or you knew that's what they were going to say before they said it.

In general, you may have a very loud inner voice, which means that when you're receiving psychic or intuitive information, it comes through as thoughts, as a booming voice, or you notice it as a part of your own thought patterns. 

You love music

As a clairaudient, you feel deeply connected to sound. You will be the type of person that's very drawn to dialogue. You love reading, you love writing, you really enjoy the storyline, scripting of movies, and plays.

Music is actually a very strong therapeutic modality for you. You really enjoy listening to a wide variety of music, because it moves you in a way that doesn't move other people. You use music to get you into a really high positive state. You can use it to get you into a calm state you're listening to classical music or something a little more ambient.

You have an innate talent for speaking and listening

You are also more likely to be a good listener. And that's because dialogue, information, sound, and voice are all of very high value to you. You may also make a really great public speaker.


You can communicate with spiritual beings

Because of your hypersensitivity to sound information, mediumship may also be a skill set of yours. You might be very good at channeling information from people that have passed on from this physical realm. It's a really beautiful skillset to have to be able to transfer messages to other people and let them know that their loved ones have guidance for them.

How do I manifest with clairaudience?

In order to use your clear audience skillset to manifest things faster into your life, I highly recommend that you use affirmations. You can use them in a variety of ways. You can write them out—even speak them out loud—which is probably going to be the most powerful thing for you. Words are going to be very powerful for you.

It's going to be very important for you to be aware of your own thoughts, of your own self-talk. Thoughts and words can be powerful for everyone, especially for a clairaudient. They hold an even higher level of power for you, so always choose your words wisely.

Developing clairaudience

it’s important to understand your psychic abilities and your intuitive abilities. Everything in our reality everything in this universe is made up of energy—even yourself. You are an energetic being. Your physical body is just a manifestation of this one point in time. But you are a soul. You are a greater consciousness and part of a holistic consciousness as well.



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