What Is Clairvoyance?

blog intuition psychic Jul 15, 2020

Clairvoyance is a psychic ability that is tied around having a clear vision. A clairvoyant may have these three characteristics:

  • A heightened sense of sight
  • A strong ability to visualize
  • A very creative imagination


You process energy information with visual cues

Often, someone who is clairvoyant will pick up subtle energy information through their vision. This means you might be the type of person who sees lights or shadows around people different colors, you might be picking up on auras. You might be laying in the grass and look up and you notice you see sparks of light everywhere.

You are a strong believer in fairies and magic

Someone who is clairvoyant may also be a strong believer in things that we cannot see in this current reality, like fairies, gnomes, mermaids, you may have had imaginary friends as well as a clairvoyant. 

You have an eye for aesthetic

You're very interested in visual things. You love art, you like to buy beautiful things, having beautiful things in your space is very important to you. You might be into fashion, you may love interior design. You have very strong attention to detail as well. 

You experience visions of the past and future

As a clairvoyant, you may pick up intuitive and psychic impressions with your eyes open and or closed. I experience clairvoyant premonitions and visions, both with my eyes open and close. It just depends if I'm in deep meditation and receiving the intuitive impression or if it's something that's coming through in my everyday life. 

You might experience visions of things that have happened in the past, and also premonitions of the future. You may also experience visions of things that you're picking up from other people's lives if you're doing psychic readings.

Everyone picks up clairvoyant information very differently. For me, when I see spirits, it's something more of a shadow than a clear picture of a transparent person. The visions that I see tend to appear as if it's an overlay to my current reality.

How do I manifest with clairvoyance?

I highly recommend that you pay attention and create some awareness around the visions that you are creating for yourself. If you ever feel yourself doubting what you are manifesting, notice the pictures and the thoughts that come up for you. And shift those visual pictures in your mind to be in alignment with what you want to manifest. 

How do I develop clairvoyance?

It’s important to understand your psychic abilities and your intuitive abilities. Everything in our reality everything in this universe is made up of energy—even yourself. You are an energetic being. Your physical body is just a manifestation of this one point in time. But you are a soul. You are a greater consciousness and part of a holistic consciousness as well.

Simply put, you are connected to everything. Your very own being—physically and spiritually—is constantly receiving energy information and interpreting it into something familiar and tangible. You're opening yourself up and be more aware of all the different subtle shifts on an energetic level. And that is how you are able to receive more psychic and intuitive information.


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