What is Claircognizance?

blog intuition psychic Jul 06, 2020

Claircognizance means clear knowing. It's the intuitive and psychic skill of instantly picking up vibrations from the universe through your mind. A claircognizant person may have these characteristics:

  • A heightened sense of knowing
  • Very logical
  • Left-brain thinkers

You love science

Claircognizants adore the math and science of everything. As a claircognizant, you like to soak up information as much as possible. You like to do research, discovery is your game.

You enjoy problem-solving

Puzzles and problems are where claircognizants shine. Putting things together and figuring things out feels very natural for you. As a claircognizant, you understand things very easily. You love watching documentaries because you like thinking along with it.

Information about people you meet come to you

Claircognizants have a great skill set of knowing things about people when you first meet them. You get impressions very quickly. You may receive flashbacks of information, but you also might receive a lot of premonitions about things that will come in the future.

You have an excellent memory

Multiple-choice games or guessing games are a lot of fun for claircognizants. You tend to hold and manage information very well and are able to recall them quickly. And even if you can’t pull up that certain memory in an instant, your strong subconscious does the work for you.

How do I manifest claircognizance?

It’s extremely important to be in a state of trust when manifesting claircognizance. Believe that the sun will rise tomorrow, that the moon will come, that yours will pass. Believe deeply to eliminate even the smallest hint of doubt.

Try to be aware of what beliefs you are holding on to that might be in contradiction to what you want to manifest. If you're really focusing on the law of attraction and there's something that you want to create in your life—whether it's finding your soulmate, creating financial abundance, or having perfect health—always be in that state of trust.


How do I develop claircognizance?

It’s important to understand your psychic abilities and your intuitive abilities. Everything in our reality everything in this universe is made up of energy—even yourself. You are an energetic being. Your physical body is just a manifestation of this one point in time. But you are a soul. You are a greater consciousness and part of a holistic consciousness as well.


Simply put, you are connected to everything. Your very own being—physically and spiritually—is constantly receiving energy information and interpreting it into something familiar and tangible. You're opening yourself up and be more aware of all the different subtle shifts on an energetic level. And that is how you are able to receive more psychic and intuitive information.


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