What is Clairempath?

blog empath intuition psychic Jun 30, 2020

Clair empath means clear emotions. If you have a deep understanding of your own emotions and of other people’s as well, then there's a good chance you are an empath.

A clairempath is someone who:

  • Has a heightened sense of emotions
  • Receives energy information through emotions
  • Can pick up emotions and energy from people and surroundings

 We, as empaths, don't always realize that we're picking up other people's emotions. Maybe we feel things and we're experiencing things, and we can't figure out where it's coming from—it's probably because you picked it up from someone else.

Know that you don't have to be in exact contact with someone in order to feel their energy. You don't have to have a conversation with them. You don't have to know what's going on with someone else in order to pick up their vibrations. Sometimes, this skill can be useful. Other times, it can feel a bit heavy. 

Every day, I was choosing to scan my body to ask my intuition, if I'm holding on to anyone's energy, and then consciously choose to let it go. This was something that I really had to work very hard on for a while, but you can learn how to manage your emotional system and choose what you focus your attention on so that you can manifest more joy more happiness and attract positive things.

You sense energy emanating from spaces and objects

As an empath, we can also very easily pick up energy information from a certain environment or from tangible, physical objects. You may walk into a room and feel like someone just had a fight in there. You are able to pick up energetic information and you receive it through emotional waves.

You have a connection with the flora and fauna

You might also be an animal empath, where you feel like you can read the minds of different animals around you. You can even be picking up energy information from plants!


You are a geo empath

There's also such a different energy in every city, and every culture you encounter. When you go to certain cities or certain sacred spaces like the pyramids or Stonehenge, you pick up a massive amount of energy information through your emotional system. Being able to digest energy from sacred locations is called a geo empath. 

You like witnessing character development

You're also the type of person that gets really drawn into character development. Whether it's reading in books, listening to podcasts, or watching movies, you're extremely fascinated by understanding people's emotions. What drives them? What gets them moving?

Since empaths are really great at picking up and understanding what someone else is feeling and going through, we get requested a lot for advice from the people we know. Many empaths go to work as a healer—whether it's psychology, life coaching, social work, or charity work—empaths can often be seen in spaces where there is a lot of conflict resolution, helping to bring people to a state of peace and healing. You're also the type of person that needs to get yourself motivated. Get yourself into a positive state before taking action. It's really challenging for you to do something when you're not motivated to do it.

How do I manifest my inner clairempath?

As an empath, it’s important for you to have strategies that lift you up. Feeling good must be your number one priority. And you need to shift whatever you need to in your life in order to create that. It often has nothing to do with shifting your external circumstances, although sometimes that can make a really big difference, I challenge you to look within first to look within yourself and see how you can cultivate the ideal emotions that you want to create from the inside out. That is your gift that is your skillset.


How do I develop my inner clairempath?

It’s important to understand your psychic abilities and your intuitive abilities. Everything in our reality everything in this universe is made up of energy—even yourself. You are an energetic being. Your physical body is just a manifestation of this one point in time. But you are a soul. You are a greater consciousness and part of a holistic consciousness as well.


Simply put, you are connected to everything. Your very own being—physically and spiritually—is constantly receiving energy information and interpreting it into something familiar and tangible. You're opening yourself up and be more aware of all the different subtle shifts on an energetic level. And that is how you are able to receive more psychic and intuitive information.



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