Steps To Follow Your Intuition

blog intuition Jun 09, 2020

Before getting into the step-by-step process of developing your intuition, it’s really important to be a clear channel for intuitive information.

Oftentimes, we get a bit muddled. Emotions, past events, or beliefs can start to weigh us down, suppressing some of our intuitive nature. Getting caught up in the day to day grind can add up and hold us back from experiencing our intuitive nudges. What ends up holding us back is the difference between where our human physical vibration is and where our higher self vibration is.

That said, in order to receive more intuitive information, we need to clear out some of that gunk. We need to clear out some of that heaviness so we can connect with our higher self. This will make it easier for you to develop your intuition.

Starting with meditation

At the bare minimum, I would recommend meditating no less than four times a week. You want to be in a state of surrender. Practice letting go of all the mind chatter—of all the stuff that's weighing you down mentally and emotionally so that you're able to open yourself up more.

If you can commit to six or seven days a week of meditating, your intuition will heighten that much faster. When you spend more time letting go of this 3D reality and just tapping into the energy of the universe, that is when your intuitive abilities skyrocket. The amount of psychic information that comes through will blow your mind. The reason for that is because you're spending so much time in the spiritual realm focusing your attention more on energy than on the physical reality that you see in front of you.

And that's really what developing your intuition is. It's connecting to energetic information.

Asking intuitive questions

I use a very simple practice of asking intuitive questions on a daily basis and allowing myself to receive intuitive information. I'm going to recommend three steps in the intuitive questioning progression so that each step you, get a little more clarity on how you receive intuitive emotions.

Step 1

First, pick a true or false statement that you already know is true or false. The reason for this is I want you to experience what it feels like to say a true statement. For example, my name is Natalie. When I say that out loud, or if I say that in my mind, intuitively there is going to be a response that I feel in my body. Basically, you want to just tap in and see what goes on within you when you think of a true statement.

Step 2

Next, do the opposite. Pick a statement that you don't know the answer to. You can also do a flat out yes or no question. Notice what comes through. When you don’t logically know the answer to the question you have thought of, your intuition is going to give you some information with that statement or that yes or no question. That is how you're going to start practicing receiving your intuitive information—you just have to notice what comes through for you.

I also highly recommend keeping a journal or a piece of paper next to you so that you can take some notes on the subtleties of things that you're experiencing. If you've never done this kind of work before in the beginning, it's going to be very subtle. You might not have practice being really aware of all these little subtleties that you're experiencing, and that’s okay.

Step 3

Finally, ask an open-ended question. Ask the universe and then see what comes through for you. Note that not all open-ended questions are something that the universe wants us to receive an answer to. This means we may not receive an answer to some things—and that's okay. Once you've detached yourself from the thought of receiving the answer, sometimes that's when the answer comes through. It's when we least expect it.

My favorite open-ended question that I love to ask is, ‘What can I do right now?’ or ‘What can I do today?’ It's a really good one to ask on a daily basis because it opens you up to then taking the actions you need to take in order to get into alignment with all of the things that are on your vision board.

This intuitive questioning process is just a starting point. It's a launching point, a mini practice that you can do every day to strengthen that intuitive muscle. You can have a daily practice or a few days a week where you spend some time working on developing your intuition. That way, you can use it for your everyday life.


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