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blog intuition meditation Jun 02, 2020

The universe is always communicating with you, whether it's your spirit guides, your angels, even God. They all try to guide you towards your greatest manifestations. It's always giving you some nudges. So if you want to manifest things faster in your life, you need to be following your intuition. You need to have your awareness open so that you can be receiving all that intuitive information that is there for you every single day.

Clearing out the mind chatter

One of the biggest reasons that you're having trouble tapping into your intuition is that your mind chatter is too loud. We call it the monkey mind because it's like this crazy monkey that's going on all the time. When we get overwhelmed with mental clutter, we shut ourselves out. When this happens, we also drive out intuitive information that’s supposed to come through.

Have you ever noticed that your mind is often restless? We always have lists of things we need to do, places to go, errands to complete. And we wonder why we're always so stressed out. In fact, you actually have approximately 70,000 thoughts a day. That is A LOT of thoughts. And when you have that many thoughts, you leave no room for receiving intuitive information. When you choose just to go along with that monkey mind chatter, you are choosing not to listen to the universe; you are choosing not to listen to your intuition.

So what do we do about it?

Focus your mind

The most important thing is to learn how to focus your mind—and meditation is the key to that. There are many ways to meditate and there's a lot of different benefits for meditation. But the ability to focus your mind is the most important one when it comes to learning how to follow your intuition on how to open yourself up to being a vessel for receiving intuitive information every single day.

If you're totally new to meditation, you might be wondering, what can I do to actually focus my mind? For one, it’s really helpful to be listening to some therapeutic music. You can also just start focusing on your breath. Start focusing on your belly expanding as you inhale and exhale.

As you focus on your breathing, try to locate where you're holding tension in your body. Pay attention to your whole body. Take it one at a time. Start focusing your attention on your neck and shoulders, then maybe focus your attention on your face. Are you holding tension in your eyebrows, in your cheekbones, in your jaw? The goal of focusing your attention in these different areas is to veer your attention away from your mind chatter.

Chakra meditation

Another great one is focusing on your chakra system. The 17 chakras are energy centers that we have in our body, starting at the base of our spine and slowly working all the way up. Spend maybe 30 seconds to two minutes on each of those different energy centers throughout your body. Imagine all of the cells and energy surrounding that space. From the base going into your Sacral Chakra, find your solar plexus right in your middle, imagine everything just softening and relaxing. Proceed down to your heart center, feel your heart opening, relax, and release any tension that you might be holding in your chest or your heart.

Do the same for your throat chakra. Relax your neck, relax your throat, work your way up to your third eye until you reach inside your head, that energy receptor where you're bringing all that intuitive information. And then move up to your crown chakra, your direct connection to the divine.

Focus on energy and space

The next thing you want to do to be an open channel for intuition is to start focusing on energy and space. Once you’ve opened yourself up to complete relaxation and surrender, start to imagine your energy field expanding. Notice the space and the energy within your body. Expand until you become one with source energy. This is where the magic happens. This is when you are finally ready to receive that intuitive information.

We know that the Law of Attraction works and our intuition works because everything in this universe is energy. In order to tap into that divine intuition, we need to focus our conscious attention on being more energetic.

To tap into our intuition is to connect to our higher self. Your physical body lives in this physical realm. And your physical body is very closely connected to your ego, those running thoughts—that monkey mind that's always going on. We often believe the lie that our physical body is separate from everything else. But in the divine quantum realm, everything is energy and everything is connected. We are able to tap into our divine guidance because we are innately connected to it.


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