Creating A Morning Routine

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Starting your day right is important. Even if you've got a family, kids, and you feel like you just don't have time in the morning, there are some ways around that to still create that intention for your day.

The importance of creating a morning routine 

When we wake up, we're still in that half-waking state, making our subconscious susceptible to setting the tone for the day. The energy we wake up with is the energy that sets the tone for the rest of the day. Simply put, it’s important to create a really good morning routine so that you can start to set a different intention. Have more intention so that you can start to flow through your day with more ease, happiness, and optimism. The morning is where you want to start.

Consistency takes practice

For the first couple of years, I was really inconsistent with my morning routine. I'd get going for a couple of weeks and then I'd suddenly stop. There's so much work that I have to get done that I would just shift to grab my coffee and get right on the computer right away to start working. I felt like I was in such a stressful state all the time.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I became so consistent with my morning routine and I have to say it was my biggest year of personal growth. I feel like I'm a different person. The morning routine that I've used has evolved throughout the years and I'm going to give you a lot of ideas on all the different things that I've tried.

Set your intention for the day

Focus your energy and create the feeling you want to be in and attract. This is the entire purpose of starting your day. Set the intention of what you want to get done throughout the day.

When you start to create a feeling from the inside, you start to attract that back into your life which is why it is really important to start to set that feeling and intention at the start of your day.


Meditation is a wonderful way to start your day by quieting your mind. Miracles happen in that quiet. Meditation is absolutely wonderful for tapping into that divine intuition, allowing creativity and clarity to come into your life.

If you’re struggling to meditate on your own, there are guided meditations where you listen to someone else talking and guiding you through a certain experience.

Listen to music

Music is absolutely amazing. It has its own energy, frequency, and radiance. When we are listening to music, we start to match that energy. It is a great way to add something into your morning and it really doesn’t take up your time. If you've got to get to work early, music can help reset your energy fast and easily.

Read a book

I highly encourage you to find some books that really inspire you—whether it's a spiritual book, something on personal growth, on relationships, on creating a higher awareness. I don't really encourage doing non-fiction or fiction books because this is meant to be your time of day that sets your intention. Whatever intention you want for your day,  find a book that aligns with that


Journaling is absolutely wonderful and therapeutic. I've been using it for decades. It allows you to explore your own thoughts. If you've got a lot going on, write down things that have been happening to you. Write down your frustrations and stresses. You can go back and look at them with a clear mind or just get them out of your head so that you're not thinking about them all the time.


We have stagnant energy from sleeping all night. Just getting your body moving in the morning can be wonderful for you. Not all of us resonate with a morning routine of exercise, but it's definitely something that I encourage you to try and see if it works for you.


If you don't feel like working out, even getting out the door and just walking for at least 10 minutes in the morning will get the energy flowing through your body. It will increase your heart rate and circulate your blood flow. That walk can also be your time to listen to a guided meditation. It can be your time to just tune into nature or even just quiet your mind or listen to that music that helps pump you up for the day.


When you put on that music in the morning, perhaps you just want to start moving. Like walking or exercising, dancing will warm your body. It's a way to express yourself. You can close the door, no one has to watch! Movement creates energy and the energy that we want to manifest for a day can come from that.

Do yoga

Since we're stiff in the morning, this is a wonderful time to just do some gentle stretching. If you have a tendency to be a little sore, start with some light movement to start opening things up. You'll feel a complete shift in your energy system.

Gratitude, prayer, and forgiveness

The morning is a wonderful time to just tap into your spiritual side—to focus on all the things you're grateful for in your life. Couple that with practicing daily forgiveness, together, they can be extremely powerful.

This is something that I've worked on the last year and there have been some absolutely amazing shifts in my life. As I worked on forgiveness, I realized that the one person I needed to forgive more than anyone else on a daily basis was myself. Sometimes, we're harder on ourselves than we are on anyone else. Practicing gratitude, prayer, and forgiveness in the morning is a great way to start your day and to get a clean slate so that you're not holding on to any kind of resentment or regrets.

Make a list

Goal setting, list-making, and prioritizing are great ways to set yourself up for the rest of the day. It allows you to get things off your mind all the things that you need to get done. By prioritizing some of your goals for the day, you will understand what you need to get done first to be more successful and more productive.


This is probably my favorite thing to do. It is so fun and I feel so amazing when I'm done visualizing and feeling what I want in life.

I highly encourage you to start working on your visualization and really embodying it with every fiber of your soul. When you start to visualize what you want in life, you create the vibration that you start to live your life in. It allows that to come into your life so much faster, so start to work on your visualization and really feel it with all of your senses, and practice this on a daily basis.

What to do when you’re too busy for the morning?

Even if you don't have time to spend one to five minutes on your morning routine, as you're going through your morning, start to set your intention. How do I want to be present? What do I want to feel today? Start to run these thoughts and start to create the emotion in your body as you’re getting ready for the day. You can be setting your intention while you're in motion and getting ready for your morning.


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