Channeling Your Angels

Angels are esoteric, beautiful light beings. There are many levels and different types of angels out there. And the fun thing is, we each have at least two guardian angels that are with us throughout our entire life—from the time we were born until our death. This means you actually have access to channeling your angels. You may not even realize it, but often, when you follow your intuition, sometimes that intuition is actually messages that are coming from your angels!

Types of Angels

Each of you has your own guardian angel. They all have their own personalities, gifts, and purpose. There are actually nine different levels of angels we can connect with. These angels are broken up into three different triads: archangels, guardian angels, and unknown angels. 

The highest level of angels have the highest frequency and are the closest to God. As they come down in frequency, they come closer to the vibration of the earth plane.

How to channel your Angels

When it comes to calling on your angels and actually utilizing them in your life, it's a fairly simple process: you just ask them to come in. I highly recommend that you ask out loud, verbalize out loud. The reason for that is we have 50 to 70,000 thoughts running through our heads every single day. The angels are not going to take the time to filter through every single thought that you have and show up for you.

Decoding Angel messages

Angels are this energy of pure love and light. They are here to support and help us in our life journey. However, they’re not here to give us predictions of the future. That's what spirit guides are about.

If you're questioning whether or not you're receiving Angel messages, simply know that Angel messages are always going to be positive, uplifting, and supportive. They communicate with us in a variety of ways.

Angel messages may come through as a soft voice or maybe even as a thought. They can also communicate through signs and messages through Angel numbers that you might see on clocks or license plates, for example. They might even communicate with you through other people. Let’s say someone is giving you some amazing advice, and you've been asking your angels for guidance. That person that's coming to you with advice might actually be the person who is giving the messages to you from your angels.


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