Angels vs. Spirit Guides

Channeling is the ability to receive intuitive messages. It is a method of communication with entities in the spiritual realm. That said, channeling involves raising your vibration and tapping into the unseen.

Types of channeling

There are two different types of channeling: conscious and unconscious channeling. Unconscious channeling is going into a deep meditative state to allow other spirits to come in and somewhat take over their body. The medium is unaware of what's happening when another entity has entered their body.

Conscious channeling is where the medium is aware of their surroundings. They can hear messages, see visions, and experience different Claire messages coming through from different realms. It can be coming from angels, spirit guides, even from loved ones that have passed on. I've also channeled souls that have not come into this lifetime yet. For instance, people that are going to have a baby in a year from now, I've connected with them as well.

You can tap into this spiritual realm in a variety of ways and it's going to be a little bit different for everyone as you develop and work on your own intuitive and psychic skills. A big part of that is just being a clear channel for intuition which you can achieve through meditation and healing. In order to open up and receive information from your guides that are out there for you, you need to quiet your own mind. This makes it easier for your angels and spirit guides to send you messages. And it makes it easier for you to receive these messages as well.

Difference between angels and spirit guides

Angels tend to be the messengers of God. They are the highest Love and Light and are always there to support you. They all have different powers; but they don't have egos.

Spirit guides, on the other hand, are of very high love and light as well. They have a high vibration frequency, but they come with a little bit of an ego. They’re a little more like us. They have their own personality and their own identity. There are some spirits out there that are of lower vibration and are maybe a little more negative. Some may be troubled in their past lifetimes.

Despite that, they can help us in a lot of ways as long as you are open to receiving intuitive information. If you are trying to channel your angels and spirit guides while in a low vibrational state, you might draw in some negative guides. They can't hurt you nor take over your physical body. But if you're receiving some messages and they don't feel positive, all you have to do is ask who that spirit is, ask them if they are of the highest loving light. If you just don't feel like they are the highest level in line, you just tell them to go away, and then call your angels.

There's nothing to fear when it comes to some of these dark energies. Most spirit guides are beautiful. They have great energy and are also here to support you lovingly. The difference is not only will they support you, but they can see the bigger picture.

My experience

As I continue to heal myself, things have started to change. It used to be that I was just channeling information and I didn't know exactly where it came from. But now, I'm at the point where I have two spirit guides that I can see, hear, and talk to. I have my three guardian angels that I can talk to every single day. And in the last year, I opened myself that I’ve started channeling a collective consciousness of 221 different entities.

That said, know that channeling skills will evolve over time and you will only receive what you can handle. Things come through when you're ready and open.


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