12 Steps on How To Relax

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When it's time to just relax and settle down and be quiet, it can be challenging. We're always on the go, we've got our cell phones on, TVs on, we get so constantly caught up in many things. There's just so much stimulation around us which is why I created this list for you to learn the steps you can do to relax your mind and your body.

Six ways to relax the mind

1) Turn off your phone, computer, TV, and social media 

These things are not allowing you to quiet your mind. It’s constant chatter. It's constant visual and auditory stimulation. Not only that, but these gadgets usually emit frequencies that may be getting in the way from allowing you to truly quiet your mind so once in a while, take time off from your electronic screens.

2) Play relaxing music

Put on something soothing to put your mind and body in a better mood. We want something that's going to create a new rhythm for you. If your mind chatter is racing all the time at a very high speed, relaxing music will allow you to calm that chatter. It'll give your mind something else to focus on and will allow you to settle down.

3) Journal

Journaling is a great way to just get it out of your head and onto paper so you don't have to think about it anymore. Sometimes, it's nice to just vent in a journal. You may end up finding that this allows you to think more clearly and may allow you to open up the possibilities for some problem solving if there are some issues that are going on in your mind or in your life situation.

4) Share, socialize, laugh, and cuddle

Whether it's with friends, family, or maybe even people you just met, socializing and interacting with others can help you calm your mind. It’ll allow you to vent and get your mind off of whatever issues have been stressing you out. Let go of all the past or the worry of the future and just be in the moment with others.

5) Get in control and have an action plan

Sometimes, life can get overwhelming. We may feel like things are out of control and we don't even know where to begin, so you may need to take a little bit of time to create an action plan. What are you going to get done? How are you going to solve some of the issues?

Once you start to do that and you actually have a plan of action, your mind will calm down. Your mind won’t be racing as much with thoughts and worry.

6) Meditate

Whether it's a guided meditation or you're practicing quieting your mind and listening to the space between your thoughts, meditation is a great way to let go of the mind chatter and really relax those repetitive thoughts to help reduce stress in your life.

Six ways to relax your body

1) Walk

Even if it's just a 10-minute walk around the neighborhood, sometimes we just need to get the energy out. Getting your body moving will help increase circulation and will create a stress-relieving response.

2) Exercise

Energy can get stagnate within our body. By moving your body and getting things flowing, that can make a really big difference in your stress level.

3) Do yoga

Stretching lowers your cortisol levels. By opening up your body, you're releasing some of that tension that may be hidden in your joints. Maybe you have a lot of tension in your hips and your shoulders. You may not know it until you start getting into some of the yoga poses and start stretching and then you realize all the stress you've been holding on to for quite a while, so stretching is extremely important for releasing tension and stress from the body.

4) Progressive relaxation

Progressive relaxation allows you to let go of that tension you've been holding on to. Whether you find a comfortable chair or lay on a bed, you can visualize and guide yourself through a progressive relaxation. Tense up your body and then you release. Do this with each section of your body as well. You can start at your toes or start at the top of your head. Slowly relax all the muscles in your body.

5) Get out in nature

Whether you're close to a beach, the mountains, or even a park, being in nature has an amazing ability to relax the body. There's an energetic frequency that comes from the earth, so get out and get some grounding. Put your hands and your feet in the dirt, the sand, the grass. Whatever it may be, allow yourself to be in nature. It can be very healing, very soothing, and very relaxing for the body.

6) Breathe deeply

Breathing deeply comes from the diaphragm. We have a tendency to hold in our gut and breathe shallowly through our chest, but we really want our deep inhale where the belly expands. As we exhale, release all that stale air.

Deep breathing is therapeutic for the body. It allows more oxygen to flow into all the muscles, joints, and cells of your body and truly cleanses you from the inside out.


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