What Is Mind-Body-Spirit?

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“We’ve got to balance our mind, body, and spirit.” I feel like it's one of those phrases that we hear nowadays quite often. But what does that really mean? A lot of us seem to be in agreement that those areas of our life are important, but how do we apply it to our everyday life?

The mind, body, and spirit help us get into alignment with our higher consciousness. All three areas are needed in order to create a balanced lifestyle.


Our mind is what holds our thoughts and allows us to think and make conscious changes. Our mind also holds our subconscious emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. It's that filter that we see the world through. Hence, it’s very important to be aware of our mind; to be aware of our thoughts and what's going on in our subconscious in order to make the best changes in your life or to live your life the way you want to.

There are two portions that make up the mind: our conscious awareness and our subconscious mind. Our conscious awareness is the thoughts that we are aware of. Our subconscious, on the other hand, takes up a larger portion of our brain. It controls a lot of our internal processes—our heart rate, our breath rate. The subconscious mind also holds thoughts and beliefs about how you view the world. And this is how you live your life out.

If you believe in certain things, you're going to act a certain way. And if you believe in the opposite, you're going to act in the opposite way. So depending on what you believe about yourself about your own abilities, your own worth, that's going to reflect in your way of being.


Your body is your temple. Healing your body and taking care of it improves your emotions. It improves how you feel about yourself. It improves your self-talk. We are amazing beings that are capable of so much and taking care of your body through nutrition, exercise, sleep, and hydration helps your body to function optimally.

When your body is functioning at its best, you can focus better, you feel better, your mindset is better, and it influences your spirit as well. And when you're in a good mindset, it also influences how you feel about your body and your motivation to take care of your body.


It helps to fuel a good vessel for your spiritual energy to thrive. Your spiritual side is your energy. Anytime you are in alignment, feeling happy, feeling peaceful, feeling joy, your spirit is in alignment with that higher consciousness. Anytime you feel negative emotions—frustrations, sadness, fears—those are moments when you're out of alignment which throws your spiritual alignment out of whack.

If you don't have a strong spiritual practice, that's okay. Spirituality can come in so many different forms. But in essence, it's important to understand that you are more energy than you are physical body. Therefore, you are a fractal of one higher consciousness. You have the potential to be anything and do anything that you want because you have that power within you, always and forever, it cannot be taken away.

Put it into practice

If you start to become aware of your own thoughts and your own patterns, you can change your own subconscious programming. The way you view the world can be changed by adopting new beliefs. You can improve your subconscious programming through repetition. Every day, try to tell yourself a new story about how the way the world works, about what your own worth is, and what is possible in your lifetime.

Self-hypnosis is another great way to start changing some of that subconscious programming so that you can improve your quality of life. You can also raise your conscious awareness through meditation. By quieting the mind, you start to become aware of your repetitive thoughts; you will create so much new awareness of yourself of others of the energies around you.

Wrap up

Our goal in life is to enjoy this life. When we're not enjoying life, we are the ones holding ourselves back by not taking care of our mind, body, spirit. Everything in life is connected. When you feel that there is a separation between you and happiness, that means something is holding you back.

But when we start to shift our vibration, our thoughts, our energy, we shift our body into a better place. And we start to practice feeling connected to everything that we want. That is when your spirit is in alignment, and that is when you are connected.


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