Using Your Emotional Guidance System

In this blog, you are going to learn how to better understand your inner compass so that you can navigate your life better. The emotional guidance system comes from Abraham Hicks, a collective consciousness that helps us understand more about our purpose in life, our spirituality, and how to start to master our lives from a vibrational standpoint. They have many resources available, so go check them out!

Guiding system and inner alignment

Your emotional state is your guiding system. When we are spiritually aligned and emotionally aligned, we feel good. It means that we're on the right track.

We don't always have control over everything in our life, but the one thing you do have control over is how you feel about all of those situations in life. You can always change your thoughts which then changes your emotional state in relation to everything that you experience. This is something that takes a lot of practice, but this is how we start to master our life and start to create a life that we want.

Learn something from nothing

The law attraction teaches us that you are always a magnet for what you want in life. If you want good things in your life, you need to be thinking positive thoughts and feeling good about every situation in your life including the tough situations that may not seem like much. There’s always something to learn. There's always something that you can expand on in your life or have a deeper understanding of. Maybe those situations are there to teach you how to shift your energy even in the toughest circumstances. As you start to master those aspects of your life, everything else starts to fall into place. With positive thoughts, a positive way of being, and having a different perspective on life, you can start to shift your energy which then shifts what you're attracting into your life.

Do not overthink it

Your gut instinct in your heart energy will always let you know if you're on track. That's what your inner compass is. It's that guiding system of your emotions. Sometimes, we have some big decisions to make and we instinctively know in our gut what feels right but then we start to become logical. We talk ourselves out of doing what feels right. We start to rationalize everything. We come up with all of these logical explanations for why we shouldn't follow our gut instinct and why the logical route is better. When we do that, we start to move in a direction that's not in alignment with our heart, our soul, our spirit, and the actual path of what is right for us. We need to let go of all that rational thinking and just dig deep. And the only way to really find that inner compass is by starting to letting go of our limiting thoughts and by being aware of the thoughts that we have and realizing that those thoughts are turning us in the wrong direction.

How to start getting into alignment

It's very easy to start to go downhill mentally and emotionally when you are not feeling your best. We try to be as positive as possible, but sometimes, our thoughts just start to slip back into negativity. When this happens, it creates momentum. Just like a snowball rolling down the hill, it starts to pick up momentum. More negative thoughts with similar vibration start to clump together faster and faster. Eventually, it snowballs and you just have this entire negative energy surrounding the disease.

By holding on to that collected negative energy, you're holding yourself back and prolonging the healing process. That pain is an alarm system and it's actually a good thing. It's telling us that we need to make a shift.

It is important to be attentive to these things and start to shift your thoughts and shift your emotional state so that you can work your way out of it.

What if I have depression?

Depression is a way of getting into a pattern of one negative thought after another. Those thoughts continue to compile on each other, creating a negative vibration and stagnation in the body and depleting you of all of that positive energy that you could be creating within yourself.

By making little shifts with your thoughts and starting to focus on the opportunity within every difficult situation, one thought at a time is how you gradually ease yourself out of depression. Just like things snowball in a negative way, things also snowball in a positive way. As you start to think of one positive thought, all of a sudden you slowly start to make an internal shift with your own vibrational energy. As you continue to go within a minute or two, you can completely change your state of being. Then, you start to get momentum.

It's a practice that you have to do initially. You have to do it more frequently. But eventually, it will become a habit to start to think in a positive way. And then you'll start to feel more positive.

Care for your physical well-being

Taking care of your body is also extremely important. That is the vessel through which we experience everything in life. When you exercise regularly and release all that pent-up energy in your body, you start to feel good. Things start to shift very quickly. Creating awareness and doing this positive work will work miracles in your life, I promise you. It only takes a few minutes and it's a practice that you can repeat until you've really started to master your state of being.


Mastering your emotional guidance system is simple. It's a simple concept to understand but it takes a lot of awareness and discipline to change and make these new habits. We get really stuck into our patterns that we've been living for years, maybe even decades. So to make this shift, you really have to have some discipline.

Always remember you have the power to create anything you want. You have the power of what thought comes into your mind. Maybe you feel like you can't always control them, but what you can do is be aware of those negative thoughts and start to shift. And that's what we do. If we're really starting to master our lives and get into alignment, miracles will start to surely happen!


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