Twin Flames vs. Soulmates

blog law of attraction Nov 01, 2020

You are a soul inside a physical body. We reincarnate into different bodies in different lifetimes. We can have different experiences that we cannot experience in the spiritual realm. When it comes to soulmates, a soulmate is really just another soul that you connect with. It’s just a friend, a soul, and a mate. It could be anyone that you interact with.

Soulmate groups 

There are groups of people that we love to reincarnate with. We enjoy coming back for one lifetime after another to learn from to grow from. In one lifetime, you might be brother and sister. Another, you might be mother and daughter. We can reincarnate as males and females. We can also switch roles.

Types of soulmate relationships

Let’s get a little more specific into the types of relationships that we come into these lifetimes with.

Companion relationships

Companion relationships are people that come in and out of your life for possibly shorter periods of time. They are there for a very specific purpose. They might come in as a mentor for you. They could be a friend.

These are people that kind of float in and out of your life. You have different experiences with them. They could be good experiences, they could be bad experiences. But those are what are called companion relationships.

Twin flame soulmates

A twin soulmate is someone that you connect with very deeply. These are your deep close friend relationships. These are your best friends. In essence, when you meet them, it's as if you've been friends for many lifetimes. And that's because you’ve actually experienced many lifetimes with these people.

Some people think that a twin soulmate is as one soul that has split and you're trying to find each other again, but I'm here to tell you that is not true. There is no splitting of souls. Splits don't really happen in essence because everything is energy. We are all fractions at the same oneness of a higher consciousness so it should never feel as if there's a piece of you missing.


The big relationship that a lot of people are looking for is the Hollywood style soulmate relationship called a twin flame soulmate. Not everyone experiences a twin flame soulmate in every single lifetime.

A twin flame soulmate relationship is where you already experience a deep connection when you first meet that person. It’s almost as if you see an aura around them and it might be a little disorienting because it’s as if you've known them your entire life.

Often, there’s initially a huge spark. You come to find out that there are so many things that you have in common with—lifestyles, interests, things. You could just talk forever. There’s so much that you have to talk about in the beginning. Then, it gets to a point where you just want to experience life with them forever.

Understand that that relationship, while it sounds almost too perfect, is not without its own problems. In the grand scheme of things, we are all here to experience life as humans, to experience different things, and to overcome challenges. It’s just a part of life.

Serial monogamy

Some people are very lucky and experienced that twin flame soulmate relationship. But that's actually very rare. What's more common is what's called serial monogamy. Serial monogamy is having one long term relationship after another. It's being monogamous and being with someone, maybe you're with them for a few years, maybe a decade, and having multiple of those long term relationships throughout your lifetime.

We have this idea, this belief that we're supposed to meet our one and only that we're supposed to be with just one person and that's our person for life. But this concept of the one and only of experiencing that twin flame relationship and living your whole life with them? It's actually very rare.

But both versions are perfectly fine. They're both wonderful experiences.

What if I don’t meet my twin flame?

It's okay if you don't meet your twin flame soulmate. in this lifetime, you may have some twin flame soulmates out there that you will meet in other lifetimes. And that's fine.

The important thing when it comes to being in romantic relationships is the growth, the experience itself, the things that you learn from them, the things that you go through together, the adventures you have, and then making sure that with each of those relationships, you are consistently evolving. That’s really what every relationship is about.


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