Top 10 Signs and Superpowers of an Empath

As an empath, we pick up on and receive energy information in a different way than the average person does. We feel energy much deeper, we feel emotions much deeper. And there are some beautiful gifts that can come with those skill sets. 

So how do you know if you’re an empath? Let’s jump right into the top 10 signs and superpowers empaths have. 

You feel other people's emotions deeply

This is actually what defines you as an empath—your ability to empathize, not only to understand what someone else is thinking and feeling but to genuinely feel their emotions. And because of this, you are really great at navigating and helping other people on a multitude of levels. 

You have a high degree of compassion and understanding

Because you are so sensitive to other people's emotions, you're naturally more compassionate. You get people on a deep level. People aren't mysterious to you. When you see someone going through something or you see someone having an experience, you just have this deeper understanding, even if you've never experienced it yourself.

You are a good listener

Because you feel people and you understand people, you have a natural inclination to wanting to understand people better. You tend to be more attentive and focused on someone else so that you're able to help them. It’s this natural gift that we have where we truly want to understand the root of why someone feels the way they feel and to help them shift into a better space. 

You naturally like to be a good listener because you love learning, growing, and having a better comprehension and understanding of other people. 

You connect easily with other people

Because you are so hyper-aware, you naturally connect with other people's energy. You can pick up on their vibrations, emotions, often some of their thoughts, their likes and dislikes. The reason for this is in the energetic field. In this universe we live in, everything is energetically connected. On a quantum level, we are all divinely connected. 

We empaths often have deep connections. Even if it's someone that you just met, even if it's a complete stranger, everything is intentional. 

So every person that you interact with, there is a reason for that. There is a vibrational connection. There are no accidents. 

You are very good at detecting lies

This is because you can feel the subtle shifts within their emotions and within their energy. If someone else is exaggerating something or is trying to manipulate you, your intuition and ability to pick up those subtle changes within their energy will allow you to know if something is off versus when something feels very genuine and in alignment. 

You’re essentially a living lie detector. And this is one of your really awesome superpowers! 

You tend to be creative

Because we are deep feelers, we also have a deep need to express our emotions in different ways. We feel things energetically. And so it allows us to want to create and manifest something outwardly in the world as well. 

You can be creative in so many different ways. You can be creative in how you show up in your life every day. You might also be drawn to art. Overall, creativity is important to you. And it's a great way to release and express what you experience on an emotional basis. 

You are a natural healer

Since you are able to easily tap into energies, you're able to navigate through other people's vibrations. You know what it feels like when someone is happy and in balance. Conversely, you also know what it feels like energetically when someone is out of balance. 

You are very good at helping people—whether it's doing physical bodywork on someone like a doctor, nurse, massage therapist, or whether you're doing energy healing, spiritual healing. Either way, there are so many ways that you are good at healing people because you can pick up on their vibrational energy, the vibrational information, an imprint that is on them.

You can read other people's minds

Do you get a timely message or call from someone you’ve been thinking about? This is a really common thing that a lot of us experience. And this is because we're all energetically connected. 

You have the ability to pick up what others close to you might be thinking. You start to understand their energy patterns so clearly, that you can pick up on what their thoughts are before they even say it.

You are easily receptive to intuitive and psychic impressions

Since you are hyper-aware of your own emotional energetic system, many of your senses may also be heightened. You are able to receive and pick up energy information through your body and through all of your senses. That’s really what psychic impressions are and what intuition is. It's your ability to pick up energy information from your external environment. 

You are really good at manifesting

The law of attraction states that like energy attracts like energy. If you are an extremely positive person, you show up believing that all your dreams are coming to you, then those dreams that you want are moving towards you at a faster pace. If you can show up and choose every day to experience positive emotions, then you can attract things faster. You can draw things into your life so much quicker than you realize. Once you learn how to take control of your inner world, your emotions, and your thoughts, you become the top manifester on this planet. It's all about your emotions.


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