The Law of Pure Potentiality

Pure potentiality means that all potentials are possible—anything is possible and we have access to all possibilities through quantum physics and through our access to the universe with our higher consciousness. 

Our consciousness is our full awareness. It comes when we are connected to the space between our thoughts. When we let go of our thoughts, our attachment to these thoughts, our emotions, and all the chaos, then we start to create for ourselves. We connect into our deeper, higher selves and we start to transcend on a spiritual plane, a spiritual level. That's where all of our deeper awareness and divine connection to the universe comes from.

Since there are all potentials possible, how do we start to manifest that in our life? Well, we have to connect into that higher consciousness and into our higher self. Our higher self is our spiritual essence. In order to tap into that, we have to let go of all of the baggage of this world—all of the negative thoughts we think, all of our insecurities, all the things that we take personally, all the things that we worry about, all the resentment, fear, and all of that. In order to learn how to let go of that, meditation is one of the best ways to do that.

Meditation is when we start to quiet our minds and disassociate from our thoughts. In that quiet, you will be able to tap into your intuition and deep spiritual side. Deepak Chopra talks about a great analogy in here; if you're sitting by a still pond, there's not a single ripple. If you were to throw a rock into that pond, you'll see how it just ripples out and you can see every ripple as it works its way out.

His example represents how our thoughts are with our intention in the field of all potentials in the universe. If we learn how to really quiet our minds and practice complete stillness, we start to connect into that essence on a regular basis. For example, when we do have a thought with a lot of intention of something that we want to create in our lives, you can see that one ripple and how much effect that one thought can have on the pond.

You can also see it in the opposite. When we are constantly running our thoughts all day long without taking the time to quiet down, it creates turbulent energy that can easily go by unnoticed because there's so much chaos going on in the mind. Meditation allows us to tap into the possibilities, into the potential. Then, when we do have intention with our thoughts and our emotions, it creates a stronger manifestation in the world. If we're in chaos all the time and you're never slowing down to really tap into that spiritual side of yourself, it’s going to take a lot longer and make it a lot more challenging for you to start to attract the success in your life that you're looking for.

Some of the things that we want to let go of our judging and analyzing. Judging holds us back and weighs us down. When we connect to our true selves, there is no criticism and no judgment. We are naturally in a state of bliss, a state of joy, a state of love. We don't take things personally and criticism doesn't affect us when we're in that state. That's a state that we want to start upholding in order to start creating more success in our lives.

The fact that everything is available to us means you can do anything, be anything, and have anything you want in your life as long as you start to quiet and tap into that spiritual side. You have access to putting that potential out there. You have access to start creating that intention to quickly start to manifest the things in your life.


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