The Law of Least Effort

blog mindset spirituality Jan 28, 2018

Life does not have to be a struggle. Things, in nature, don't struggle. Birds don't struggle to fly; a tree does not struggle and suffer in order to grow; things just happen naturally and effortlessly—but why do we struggle to reach all of our goals in life when it could be fun, effortless, and carefree? 

You can work towards your goals with an energy of force, fear, or worry or you can do the exact same actions with an essence of ease and fun. We have that choice of creating that internal state. When we start to shift our energy into that state, it will allow us to manifest what we want in our life so much more readily. We become happier, placing us in a better state of mind, and then our goals actually happen faster.

When we have less resistance, it allows the universe to open up to us and bring things to us with more ease and more happiness. Seems very simple, but it is something that we need to practice, especially if you're used to forcing and constantly being in a stressful state. We have to start to learn how to release the stress, let it go, and come from a different place—a place of ease and a place of effortlessness.

There are three major components that Deepak Chopra talks about in this concept of least effort: acceptance, responsibility, and defenselessness.


We've got to accept everything in life exactly the way it is and be okay with where we are right now. Be okay with wanting to move forward, be okay with your goals for the future, and accept instead of resisting all the little things that we have going on in our life.


We need to take responsibility for the life we've already created: what you see around yourself, your finances, your relationships, your career, your personal growth, all of these things that you're experiencing at this moment is a reflection of choices you've made in the past, so we have to take complete responsibility for that. Don't blame anyone else. Work from where you are at this moment and keep moving forward.


We have to start letting go of being defensive about everything. We have this tendency to feel like our viewpoint is the most important, whether you're arguing in politics or something else. Start to let go of that, start to let go of this need and this urge to be defensive about all your points of view on life because that only creates resistance and an internal state of struggle. Having to be right really just comes from the ego and when we can let that go, we start to allow ourselves to be in a state of ease more often, which is gonna allow us to create more success in all areas of our lives.


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