The Law of Karma

blog mindset spirituality Jan 25, 2018

Today, I'm talking about the third spiritual law of success which is the Law of Karma or the Law of Cause and Effect. We're going to learn what that means, how we can start to become more aware of it, and how to start using it in your life so that you can create more success. 

Everything that we do, think and say has a cause and effect. There are consequences to every action we take, just as there are consequences to every thought we have and every emotion that we create. We think we often make conscious choices about things, but we're really just a bundle of reflexes that are conditioned to react in a certain way, so it takes a certain amount of awareness to start to recognize and start to change some of our patterns, creating better karma for ourselves.

Start to ask yourself: what are the consequences of this action? What are the consequences of the decisions that you're making throughout the day? How are you treating others? How are you treating yourself? How does this affect you in the long run? How is it holding you back? Be aware, and the more you start bringing this in, the more you start to create some change.

Now, how do we know what the right thing to do is? Well, we tend to get caught up in our turbulent mind chatter, but in order to tap into a much more divine connection of right and wrong, we want to start to tap into our heart, and that's one thing that Deepak Chopra talks about in this chapter—becoming more aware of the energy that's coming from your heart. For some people, it can come from your gut where you hold your intuition, but for a lot of people, it comes from their heart space.

When you start to ask yourself mindful questions throughout your day, slow yourself down and quiet your thoughts. You should get a feeling. It may either be strong or faint and subtle. But the more you start to tap into your heart center, the more you connect yourself out into the energy of the universe, providing you with deeper answers.

That said, let go of the thoughts and start to feel. Start to use your heart space in order to find deep answers. Start to be aware of the consequences. The more you witness your choices, the more you're going to make some effective changes.


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