The Law of Intention and Desire

blog mindset spirituality Jan 30, 2018

Today, I am talking about the fifth spiritual law of success which is the Law of Intention and Desire. In order to start creating more success in your life in whatever area you're interested in, we first have to have some intention and the desire for that intention.

Our bodies work much like trees. When you imagine a tree, a seed that's on the ground and goes into the dirt and into the earth, there's a certain amount of information that's held a consciousness and awareness in that seed. It just inherently knows how to start multiplying and how to start growing in order to create a full-grown tree.

The same thing happens when you think about our own bodies. When we are first created, those cells just know how to multiply. The information is encoded in the initial two cells that come together that then know exactly how to start multiplying in order to create an entire human body that grows. It’s absolutely amazing.

When we have an intention and a desire for something, energy comes together. And then the image, the actual information that's encoded into that intention starts to connect into a pile of molecules that turns into solid form. Hence, our human bodies or the growth of a tree.

There's information in everything, but then there's also a certain amount of energy that creates and allows things to happen, grow, and multiply. Our intention and our desire are similar to that energy and that information. Our intention is that thought, that information. Once you have a desire behind it, you create energy.


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