The Law of Inspired Action

intuition mindset May 24, 2020

There's a lot of things that we want to manifest in life. And often some of the things that we want to manifest do need action. You have to go out and make something happen in order to draw it into your life. But how do you do that? How do you know what action to take?

What is inspired action?

 Inspired action is listening to all those intuitive nudges that you're receiving throughout the day so that you're able to take the right action. It's one thing to just feel and believe that what you want to manifest is coming to you and that you are a match for that. Inspired action is more than just taking action.

To be inspired means something just comes to you. It's like this “aha!” moment where you get really excited. It's something that has a sense of passion behind it. A sense of excitement. Inspired action is not an action where you feel like it's a chore. Inspired action should feel good, wonderful, and energetic.

Most people know what they want to create, but they don't always know how to create it. They don't know what the next step is, or what the next step should feel like for them. Sometimes, it’s going to be a little bit outside your comfort zone when it comes to the law of attraction.

Inspired action comes from divine guidance. This higher form of guidance comes through as intuitive nudges. It allows you to move towards your inspired actions. That energetic field that we are all connected to is how you're able to tap into divine guidance.

Be an energetic match

There are some things in your life that you can manifest effortlessly; It’s also possible to manifest things without actually taking action, just through energy. But there are some large things that we want to manifest—great wealth, career, relationships. Those are things that are going to take action, and it's important that you are taking action towards those dreams.

It is possible that the universe might drop some money in front of you with the lottery. But it's few and far between. You have to show the universe that you are ready to receive those things. You need to be an energetic match for it.

In order to be an energetic match for wealth, you need to be contributing to the world. Give something back in order to create wealth back. You can begin by tapping into the divine. Tap into that energetic connection where you make yourself more receptive to divine energy.

Take action now

The universe likes to work with speed. The faster you show the universe that you are ready to receive, things will manifest faster for you. Understand that inspired action comes from that intuition.

Trust your intuition

In order to understand how intuition works, you need to know the 5 Clairs. There are 5 ways we often receive our intuition:

  • clairvoyance
  • claircognizance
  • clairaudience
  • clairsentience
  • clairempath


Close your eyes and visualize what it is like to be in that future manifestation. If that feels really strong for you, if that's a really great connection for you, then your strongest intuitive type might be clairvoyance.


Cognizance is clear knowing. You may occasionally experience big “aha!” moments where things just click for you. It's as if divine energy just downloaded the information straight into your head.


Clairaudience is hearing the Answer. It is the ability to hear divine guidance. This can come through in different ways. You might just hear your own voice saying the answer inside your head. It may sound like your voice coming from outside your ear, or maybe it's another voice.

It'll often come through as a single statement, a single word, something very short and repetitive. If you hear an ongoing dialogue, that is not your intuition. That is your ego talking to you. And it may or may not be the guidance that you actually need in order to manifest what you want faster.


When you get a physical sensation on your body and you feel as if something is true for you, that is another way to receive intuitive information. Have you ever experienced a moment where someone said something and it really resonated with you? Maybe you got chills down your spine, or all of a sudden you got goosebumps all over your arms. That is clairsentience.


Clairempath is when you are strongly connected to your emotions. This can also mean that you very easily pick up other people's emotions. It's more of an inner knowing that comes from the emotional side.

All five of these Clairs are ways that you can start to tap into your intuition on a daily basis. Notice if you get any of these little intuitive nudges throughout the day. They might be leading you in the right direction.


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