The Law of Attraction and Intuition

We all want to draw in wonderful things: great relationships, financial abundance, and a fulfilling career. And the beauty of mastering the process of the law of attraction is that you get to enjoy your life more. You get your time, your energy, love, abundance, everything that can make you happy. And it all starts with how you're showing up.

So in this blog, I'm going to give you the specifics on how to manifest faster.

Regularly check in with yourself

It's one simple habit that you can start doing every single day. There's not a lot to it, but it's extremely powerful. Throughout the day, try to check in with yourself. Notice when you feel out of alignment or in a funk.

This is a habit that you want to build because most of us go through this state where we're not enjoying the here and the now. What then happens is we start to attract the things we don’t want—the negative things. Anytime you feel that broad spectrum of emotions of something that just doesn't feel awesome, that means you're not in vibration with all the wonderful things that you desire to draw into your life. You're not in alignment with what you truly want to manifest. So, start allowing yourself to be in a positive state.

Follow your intuition

Your intuition is always guiding you in the right direction; towards everything you want to create. If you start listening to that intuition taking the action that it's telling you, then you will get to your manifestations faster. It's as simple as that.

But why are people not following their intuition more? It's actually really simple: we’ve been trained not to follow our intuition. Many people have set their own intuitive guidance aside, replacing it with the opinions of parents, teachers, experts, or leaders in a variety of disciplines. However, the more you look to others for guidance, the more removed you become from your own wise counsel. You become afraid to trust your own guidance and your own goals.

So keep in mind that when it comes to actually taking action and manifesting, you have to find that within yourself. You have to choose to feel what's going on and then make the right decision based on what you're feeling and what you're sensing. So I highly encourage you to always follow your intuition because it will never lead you astray.

Final thoughts

The key to really manifesting faster is to follow your intuition every single day. That's how we actually make progress and manifest things instantaneously. Be sensitive to the way you are feeling. Ask your inner self. Ask your higher self. Ask your angels, your spirit guides. Take a breath and get quiet and feel that the answer will come to you. It's as simple as that. Because again, we have access to everything we need right within our own intuition.


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