Why I Stopped Giving Psychic Readings

blog psychic Oct 05, 2022

I've been wanting to write this particular blog for quite a while, and I'm going to tell you exactly why...

I think this is extremely important information for you to hear...

And honestly, I don't see anyone else talking about this.

Based on my personal experience with being a Manifestation Coach and giving psychic readings to clients... 

I found that psychic readings were slowing down my clients' ability to manifest their dream lives...

so I stopped giving reading completely.

Understand that the bottom line is... you cannot manifest things as quickly as you want to if you're giving your power over to a prediction that someone gave you.

There's also a good chance that the prediction isn't correct, which messes with your psyche...

And you're allowing another person to come in and interfere with your energetic system when they give you a reading, so you want to be very careful of who you allow to give you a reading.



My Background

In order for you to understand why I'm qualified to speak on this subject, you need to understand a bit more about my background...

I'm a psychic and I channel spirit guides.

I also have a lot of background education in the spiritual and mindset realm...

I am a life coach, hypnotherapist, and NLP practitioner, which is mastery of the subconscious mind.

I have my bachelor's, master's, and my Ph.D. in metaphysical sciences. I'm a Doctor of Divinity. I am a minister of a spiritual church, and I've read hundreds of books on spirituality, mindset, the law of attraction, trauma healing, and the like.

My education and background are very complete and complex. I'm going to guess that most psychics out there don't have this level of training and don't have these many certifications behind them that allow them to have the bigger picture perspective of how psychic readings are affecting their clients.

A lot of psychics are doing one-off readings, and then you leave and you never see them again. Or maybe you come back to them every once in a while. But they may not have the skill set to guide you through what's going on in your mind, your emotions, your spiritual evolution, and what you really want to manifest.

I have seen through my long-term clients that I've had for years how psychic readings affect them. I'm approaching this from a very holistic perspective.

A really good psychic has anywhere between 80 to 90% correct predictions, which is what my prediction rate is. I've predicted boyfriends coming into people's lives. I predicted the exact month that babies were going to be conceived and things like that.

Even with a high accuracy rate, most of the time the prediction does not serve my client. There was a pattern of fixating on a prediction instead of using their free will to create the life they wanted.

Taking away your willpower is the last thing I would ever want to do to someone. I'm all about empowering people to take control of their life and what they manifest.

Even with an 80-90% accuracy rate, I never want to lead anyone astray from their highest and best life. So why would I continue to do readings if there's a chance that I'm even 2% incorrect? That's not in alignment or in integrity with the gift that I want to bring to the world.

What Predictions Do To You

I noticed that the moment a client had a prediction, it completely changed their thought patterns. It changed their emotions. It changed what they were fixating their mind on, and it changed their vibrational frequency.

The moment you have a prediction, it completely changes how you think and how you feel and how you act. Therefore, it changes the trajectory of your future.

You have free will to choose how you think how we act, how you feel, how you show up every day, and what actions you take to create your future.

I do believe there are milestones and contracts that we come into this lifetime with based on what we want to learn and experience, but we can always change those timelines and outcomes based on our free will.

You are in your power when you decide your future based on how you choose to live your life. By thinking about and believing in a particular prediction, you are no longer choosing your future. You're allowing someone else to focus your future for you based on a potentially incorrect reading.

Understand that the predictions psychics are giving you don't have as much power as you think they do.

You have more power! You always have more power than anyone else over your life.

You are a powerful being... I am telling you this because I want you to be in your power. I want you to take your power back. I want you to trust your own intuition and your own inner guidance more than you trust even my words.

I want you to be so independent and so in alignment, that you are vibrating at your highest and best light. I want you to live your best life every single moment. And the moment you play into a psychic reading or a psychic prediction of any kind, suddenly, you are dimming your light. Suddenly, you are giving away your power to the tarot cards to the reader to the channel or to however it comes through.

I'm not saying you can never have a psychic reading again. If you enjoy it, if you feel good about it, then by all means go forth and do it. But be aware of the repercussions and be aware of how it shows up in your mind.

What I like to do with my coaching when psychic impressions come up... instead of telling my client what the reading is, I will help coach you through what may be coming or give you some guidance on the skill sets you'll need without mentioning what the prediction is.

This is where empowering you allows you to be in your highest and best light. It allows you to navigate your life to the highest and best of your ability for you to grow the fastest and manifest faster. I would much rather give you the tools that you need in order to be ready for whatever event is coming than tell you what the event is.

Predictions Are Just An Estimate

Predictions are just an estimate based on all of the collective energy of who you are vibrationally in this lifetime leading up to this very moment right here. That energetic blueprint from you projects an estimated timeline for the future. This is how psychic readings are done.

Now understand the most likely option doesn't necessarily mean anything, because anything can change at any moment. You can choose in a snap of a second to show up differently, to think differently, to be different, and to have so much conviction that your identity completely changes for the best.

Can you imagine how many potentials there are for you to shift your trajectory? It's pretty incredible how many times you can shift every single moment in a new direction. That's why your future is so unpredictable.

Also, keep in mind that some psychics are potentially only reading who you are at that moment of the reading. So if you just got some bad news and then you sat down for a psychic reading, suddenly your energy is very different than it was three hours ago when you were in a better mood or yesterday you were in a bad mood.

Channeling Psychic Information Is From Lower Vibrational Spirit Guides

The third major reason why I stopped doing psychic readings is because as I raised my vibration through my practice of channeling spirit guides, I found that channeling psychic predictions is actually of a lower vibration.

I began hitting new heights of spirit guides that I was connecting with, and once you get to a higher level they won't give you any predictions.

High-level spirit guides only want to help you navigate your life with more empowerment and ease. This is what I focus on with my clients.

Higher-level spirit guides know it's not for your highest and best good to be receiving predictions.

I find that now if want to do a psychic prediction, I have to drop my energy. I actually have to lower my vibration. I have to lower where I shift my point of consciousness in order to tap into psychic predictions.

Doing psychic predictions doesn't feel good for me anymore. I have to tap into guides that have information that is more of the earth realm versus the higher spiritual realms. It physically doesn't feel good in my body, it doesn't feel good in my consciousness, and it doesn't feel good in my vibration. I know now that it doesn't serve me and it doesn't serve my students.

I encourage you to take all of this information that I have just explained to you today and sit with it. Meditate on it. Ponder it and see how you feel about it. Ask yourself, "Does this information resonate with me? Does it make sense?"

Maybe this will help you shift where you're putting your attention. Instead of going to a psychic, maybe now you hire a life coach.

Maybe you join my online coaching program or something like that where you're actually going to get more benefits.

Where you're going to learn how to manifest faster.

You're going to take control of your life more.

You're going to take your power back and you're going to be doing inner work on a much higher level.




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