Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

blog mindset Jan 07, 2018

Comparing and judging is something that we naturally do all the time. It’s just something that we grew up doing in order to analyze the world around us. Simply put, it’s a natural way for us to learn how to live.

Judgment comparison trap 

Anytime we idolize someone else, you are putting someone else higher than yourself. You may think, well, that's not a bad thing. However, when you compare yourself to other people, you're actually putting yourself down.

We need to be in a state of mind where we're actually thinking of everyone in the world is equal. Seeing people as equal is extremely important for creating empathy and understanding. The second you put someone above or below you, you no longer see eye to eye and you begin to judge them. This closes you off from being open to understanding them and their perspective, who they are, how they were brought up, and you start to create a wall and a barrier between yourself and others.

The same goes for when you put someone else down. If you see someone as beneath you, not only are you projecting negative energy on to them, but you're projecting a higher self for you, which is really only feeding your ego.

Born differently, but all worth the same

We want to come from a place in life where we are all just on the same playing field. We don't need to be lifting ourselves up or breaking ourselves down. We are all amazing people with amazing gifts in this world and to come from a place of understanding is to know that, hey, we all were not raised the same way, with the same parents, morals, or ideals, but we're all human and we're all born into this world.

Everyone is programmed differently. Just because someone does something that you don't like or maybe they don't live up to the same standards that you live your life to doesn't make them any worse than you. Just because someone has more talent or a different life path than you doesn't make them better than you either.

We all are worthy and we all are loved. To judge others, whether good or bad, only comes from ignorance. We want to learn to stop judging people because not only does it hurt other people, but it also ends up hurting yourself in the end. And if you can start to let go of that, then you can let go of this roller coaster that you're on—of lifting yourself up and putting yourself down and instead come from a place where we embrace each other’s differences. We're all here with the same purpose: to live out our lives and find enjoyment, love, and just be in our own power.


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