Self Care Practices for the Highly Sensitive Person

blog empath meditation Jul 22, 2020

Being an empath means you are a highly sensitive individual. You feel other people's emotions and your own. But sometimes, being highly sensitive can put a heavy weight on us. That’s why I’ve created this survival guide for my fellow empaths. 

In this guide, I’ve put together these practices that are truly going to help you manage your own energy systems. Let’s get started.  


As an empath, it's important to be able to tap into what's going on with your own energetic and emotional system. And meditation is a really great way to do that. It gives you an opportunity to just be. It allows you to quiet the mind. It allows you to connect and create some self-awareness. 

With meditation, you regain all of your control. So be sure you take some time to meditate and work on that practice of allowing yourself to feel to let go. 

Find clarity

The second practice is being crystal clear on how you want to show up for your life. Know who you want to be, how you want to feel every day, and then choose to show up as that person one moment after another. Regularly check in with yourself and ask yourself: “Am I really being the person that I want to be?” “Is this how I want to feel in my life every day?” And if it's not, choose a new thought. Choose a new emotion that allows you to be that person that you want to be. Don't let other things throw you off your game. When you get clear on that, you become unmovable.

Play some music

Music has the ability to shift our energy quickly. It’s an excellent therapy tool that helps influence your own energy system into alignment. With music, you can shake off unwanted emotions, allowing you to get yourself into a state that is more in alignment with you with what you want to experience.  

Absorb mind food

Mind food is information that you decide to take in. It’s anything that supports you, lifts you up, empowers you.that lifts you up that empowers you that educates you that helps you reach the life that you want to reach.

Anything in the personal development realm, the spiritual development realm, even business development can be in the mind food category because you are feeding your mind with beautiful things every day. When you constantly digest mind food, just notice how quickly you can shift your own energetic state. 

Be mindful

Be mindful of where your focus is. Everything that you put your focus on is going to create an emotion. It’s going to create a manifestation and a vibration that's going out into the universe and attracting more of the same.

When you choose to be mindful about your own thoughts, actions, and information you take in, then you are pre paving the way for a greater future. 

Surround yourself with good people

You pick up energy from the people you constantly surround yourself with. When you hang out with people who put down others a lot or overall just hang around people who are negative, you are unconsciously taking on some of their energy and some of their patterns that don't serve you very well. So be very careful of who you choose to surround yourself with. 

If you're in a situation where you have roommates or you're living with family and you don't have a lot of control over, there's only so much you can do. But do what you can to separate yourself. You can choose to isolate and surround yourself with mind food.

Do a visualization

Write down your list of goals. Take some time to sit and visualize what it would be like to already have it, then focus on how you feel. Here’s a little secret—the reason you want that thing on your list of goals on your list of manifestations is not because of the actual thing itself—but because you think that you will feel better when you have it. You're excited about the emotion that you're going to experience. 

So focus on the emotion during your visualization process. It's a really fun way of just letting your imagination run wild. And it's a really fun experience.

Eat healthy food

Everything that you draw into your body is going to have its own vibration. It's going to create a different energy shift within you. Eating healthy gives you mental clarity. And it's really important to take care of that. You will physically feel better, your mind will feel better, your body will feel better your emotions will feel better. 

 I’m not saying that you have to be perfect with everything because hey, I still like a piece of pizza and chocolate every once in a while too! But there needs to be a balance. When you eat more of the healthy stuff, you will feel the difference.

Get enough sleep

It’s very important to cycle your sleep rhythm with the sun and the moon. We are meant to be sleeping when it is dark out. We were meant to be up and enjoying the sun outdoors during the day time.

If your job is the opposite if you work, the night shifts, there's only so much you can do. But it is important to get between seven to nine hours of sleep at night. Everyone's circadian rhythm is a little bit different. Make sure that you're creating an environment that you can sleep well. 

Ground yourself

This one is so powerful. We all have positive and negative electrons in our bodies. And believe it or not—these electrons often get thrown out of balance. Most of us are always indoors, exposed to blue light. There’s blue light from our phones, televisions, even in our overhead lighting. This actually messes with our pineal gland which is the gland inside the head that allows you to create your sleeping and waking cycles. It also helps you to regulate your emotions and process your emotions as well. So grounding is a great way to rebalance the positive and negative electrons in your body. 

All you need to do to ground yourself is to physically touch the earth. Go outside, put your feet in the dirt, hug a tree. When you connect to the physical earth, it helps to rebalance all those positive and negative electrons in your body, so that you're able to process your own emotions and your life a little bit better. 

Get some sun

Our body needs sunlight in order to balance our waking and sleeping cycles. Getting at least 15 minutes of sunlight every day is extremely important. This will help you process your own emotions, feel happier, and also keep your body healthier in the long run. 

Practice energy clearing

Learning how to surrender and let go of unwanted energy is a very important life skill. The key is to accept things for what they are. 

Forgive, let go and surrender on a regular basis. 

Indulge in salt baths

Salt is a natural mineral within the body. It also carries a lot of negative electrons, which can be good for us. If we have too many positive electrons, that starts to break down our immune system. 

If you take a bath and you put salt in it (table salt, not Epson), the salt will shift the electromagnetic energy in your body, allowing you to process emotions even faster. 

Tip: You can mix both regular salt and Epsom salt so that Epsom salt is a little more magnesium, which helps relax the muscles in your body.

Apply Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the practice of keeping your space in your environment clean and organized. When we’re surrounded by clutter, it actually creates inner chaos as well. Having a clean external environment will help you feel a little bit more balanced.

Have patience

Be patient with yourself and with the people around you. Have patience with your self-care routine as an empath as well. It's not this instant, overnight thing where all of a sudden you understand yourself and life is perfect. Life is a process. Life is a journey. And so having patience and understanding the entire spectrum of the process is so important.


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