Is it Clairsentience Pain? Physical Pain? Or Emotional Pain?

 This is a very, very important blog that I absolutely needed to post for a very specific reason...

We are going to be covering what Clairsentience pain is (which is your psychic ability to feel physical sensations), what that means, and how it actually shows up in your body... versus what is actual physical pain or emotional pain showing up in your body.

I found that after I posted the YouTube video and a podcast episode talking about clairsentience, a lot of people that we're leaving comments saying, "Oh wow, thank you so much. I'm so glad I figured out where my pain was coming from now. I know it's clairsentience pain."

And then they would go on to tell me what they were experiencing... and it was NOT clairsentience pain!

This information is so important because I don't want to lead anyone astray.

I want to make sure that you are fully educated and completely understand what it means to have Clairsentience pain versus something that is structural in your body, something that is systemic, like a neurological issue versus something that is coming from an emotional reaction.

It's really important to be able to define and have that differential diagnosis so that you know where your pain is actually coming from because it is very different.

I would hate for someone to actually think that they have clairsentience pain and then not to go down the route of seeking medical help because they think they understand their pain when they don't.

I have a strong understanding of the difference between psychic pain and physical pain because my previous career was in western medicine education. I went to school for athletic training (similar to physical therapy) specifically to understand my physical pain. 



What is Clairsentience (or Psychic) Pain?

Clairsentience is a physical sensation that you feel in your body. So when people say, "I'm getting chills," when something really resonates with them on a soul level that's clairsentience. It can be goosebumps on your arms, a sinking feeling in your stomach, your heart starts racing and you get a little flush, or you might have waves of hot or cold or tingling down your back.

Clairsentience is a psychic knowing. It's your body's ability to tap into energetic frequencies that are showing up for you.

It's your body's physical ability to tap into very subtle, energetic shifts in the non-physical realm.

It will show up usually in very short-term situations. These one-off experiences are fleeting. They happen and then they go. They disappear fairly quickly, and they're really specific.

For example, as I mentioned, before, I was an athletic trainer. When I was doing injury evaluations on patients, I had to do an entire evaluation to see what was going on with their physical bodies and then give them rehabilitation exercises and protocols.

As a very psychic-intuitive person... I'd be working on someone's body, for example, their forearm, then later that day, I would go home and my forearm would hurt in the exact same spot. That was me picking up vibrational psychic energy from that person and pulling it into my body. It wasn't that there was anything wrong with my forearm. It was just that I was holding onto their vibrational pain unconsciously.

My husband would experience similar things in his chiropractic practice with his patients.

This can also happen without physically touching other people. So another example is, that I have a client that I've been working with for a few years now who's an acupuncturist. She would have precognitive experiences where she was picking up physical pain prior to seeing her clients. Often within a 24-hour period prior.

Since there's this quantum field of energy where we are connected to everything, there is no time and space that is actually between us and anything else that exists. This is how we're able to pick up psychic impressions before they happen. 

I was able to get my client to a point where she was reducing her physical psychic pain that she was picking up from her clients by about 90%. I trained her to tone down her Clairsentience skill set and tune up her Clairvoyance and her Claircognizance.

How Does Physical Pain Show Up?

Structural Physical Pain

Physical pain can be something structural, or it can be systemic.

Structural is a physical injury. For example, a herniated disc or stenosis that you can see on an MRI. Structural things show up on imaging like X-rays or MRIs. You can have surgery on something structural because there's a physical abnormality in the tissue. There's an actual tearing of some physical tissue, there is a torn ligament, there is broken skin, torn muscle tissue, herniations of discs, etc.

Physical structural pain will linger for as long as the tissue is either healing or obstructed (which can be long-term and chronic if you have nerve impingement). 

For example, someone left a message on one of my YouTube videos that said something along the lines of, "I noticed sometimes when I'm driving in the car for long periods of time that my arms go numb (or my lower legs go numb)." If that is happening, that is not clairsentience pain. That means you either have an impingement like a herniated disc or stenosis or tight tissue impinging a nerve.

When you're driving and your arms are up in front of you, that puts a lot of pressure and tension on the muscles surrounding your neck and shoulders. So if you have a slight forward head posture, which most people do since everyone's on their phones and their computers leaning forward, that can cause nerve irritation.

The same scenario goes for numbness or tingling in the lower body when sitting in a car for too long. Typically when people sit they tend to tuck their tailbone under them, and then that puts a lot of pressure on the low back shooting the disk space backward and putting pressure on the nerves.

You could have tight glutes where the muscle tissue tightens over the branch of nerves that's right in the center of your butt cheek. That tightness can clamp down on the nerves and cause some tension and neurological issues going down the leg too. So whether it's tingling, numbness, whether it's hot, or cold sensations, those are all neurological sensations, typically from some type of impingement of the nerves.

These are examples of when it is NOT clairsentience.

Systemic Physical Pain

Systemic physical pain comes from an overload in the body of toxins, viruses, bacteria, or heavy metals. These things cause inflammation and attack the nervous system causing physical pain.

For example, I had one other client who came to me and she said something along the lines of, "I'm getting a lot of clairsentient numbness and tingling in my body in the evening and first thing in the morning." This is NOT clairsentience pain.

If you're feeling every day in your entire body, that is inflammation of your nervous system.

This is where cleaning up your diet is essential to healing. I highly recommend following Anthony William, he calls himself The Medical Medium.

He can give you all the information and details on exactly what's going on with your body when it comes to these types of neurological issues, chronic health issues, diseases, and things like that.

His work is the only diet that has actually gotten me results in healing my nervous system of over 20 years with digestive issues, chronic pain, brain fog, and migraines.

Things like adding in daily celery juice, heavy metal detox smoothies, and massive amounts of fruit and vegetables will help fuel your body with what it needs to heal.

You must also cut out the troublemaker foods like eggs, gluten, dairy, corn, processed food, and sugar while decreasing your fats completely if possible for liver healing.

Keep in mind that if you're experiencing a lot of systemic neurological symptoms and you're naturally a sensitive person, then being an empath may be more triggering because of your hyper-sensitive physical body.

You may be more hypersensitive to other people's energy and emotion in crowded places because you have an underlying physical condition where your nervous system is already on high alert.

When you heal the physical, it helps you to still create a healthy awareness of your psychic Empath ability, but you can cope with it better than before.

What Is Emotional Pain?

The third differential diagnosis is emotional pain. This is usually pretty obvious for most people because you're most likely going through a significant event in your life.

When we are going through grief, you've lost someone you really love, whether it's someone who has passed away, or you went through a really bad breakup, you may feel a physical aching and hurt in your heart space or you might have a lot of gut issues going on. You might feel a lot of anxiety in your body or a lot of neurological hyperactivity. You might feel physically drained.

Basically, there's something that's happening in your life and the emotional reaction that you're having to it is causing the physical symptoms.

It's important to acknowledge the emotional pain when it comes up. If you suppress your emotional pain, it stays in the physical tissue of the body and can compile with other repressed emotions over time.

This compiling of emotions can create a build-up of energy in the body that can turn into disease or build up into emotional breakdown years or decades down the road.

It's healthiest to deal with things as they come up for us so that you can move forward with your life with a clear nervous system, mind, and body.

By addressing things sooner rather than later, you mature and evolve faster thereby manifesting the life you truly want faster.

Your journey is exactly what you need and what you wanted in this lifetime, in order to learn and grow the lessons that you are here to experience. It's beautiful, different, and unique for each one of us. Wholeheartedly accept what your experience is, and know that there are some really wonderful lessons for you with whatever type of pain you are experiencing. 

Differential Diagnosis

Remember, clairsentience is fleeting, and it's specific. Sometimes there are other impressions coming with it like a clairvoyant image, or other psychic impressions. It can come from one person, one tangible object, one moment, and then it goes.

If it's something physical, maybe there's a structural tissue damage. That's something that can usually show up on an X-ray or an MRI. It can be something that's chronic, maybe there was a physical injury that happened or it could slowly happen over time. Sometimes herniated discs in the low back or neck. It doesn't necessarily come from a sports injury, but it can happen slowly over time with poor posture, lack of exercise, lack of mobility, or lack of stretching.

Physical pain can also be systemic like migraines, fibromyalgia, or other chronic neurological issues. This is healed with dietary changes and recommendations from Anthony William the Medical Medium.

Then there's emotional pain that we are holding on to. It can be something repressed you're not dealing with or maybe it's something that's in the moment, and you just have to get through it right now.

It's about going through the process, doing the actual healing and moving through it and allowing yourself to learn and integrate all of that wisdom and knowledge and experience that you have so that you can be the best version of yourself in the future.

I hope this was really valuable for you if it was was valuable for you. Please share this so that other people can learn, grow, and experience the same knowledge and wisdom that you had today.



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