How To Manifest Using Scripting | Step by Step Templates

 When you're in vibrational alignment, the law of attraction will draw everything to you.

Understand that manifestation practices, and scripting practices... they're awesome. They're great, they're fun, we use them, I teach them, and they're amazing.

But if you don't understand the foundation of the law of attraction and how it works, then you're going to think that the power is in the specific practice when the power is really in you!

These practices are tools. These practices are beautiful ways that we can create the change within us that we want so that we are in vibrational alignment with what we want to attract.

So in this blog, I'm going to go over just a basic outline of what you can use when you're doing your manifestation scripting.

I'm going to cover what needs to happen in order to make it more powerful and effective for you, and how to prime yourself to script in a way that's going to program into your subconscious mind a little more seamlessly.



What Manifestation Is...

Manifestation is taking an idea, a thought, a dream, or a goal and bringing it from your imagination into the real world.

In order to do that we must be aligned energetically on a vibrational level with what it is that we want to manifest.

If you want to manifest a million dollars, or you want to manifest that dream soulmate partner, or the career, or the house, or the car, whatever it is... in order to receive it you need to be in vibrational alignment. That means you have to become the person that already has what you want.

If you're trying to get a soulmate, you must be the person that truly loves themselves and holds themselves to a high standard so that they draw in a high-quality person who believes that they are lovable, and has great communication skills. You have to embody the identity of that person.

If you want to draw in a million dollars... who would you be?

If you had a million dollars, what would you think? How would you feel? How would you show up for your life?

What kind of communication skills would you have? What kind of business would you be in? What kind of career would you be in?

Would you be an investor? What does that look like for you? And how is your identity different?

Once you've manifested that million dollars, then you have made the quantum leap into the identity of that version of you. In order to manifest faster, we're trying to get to that place where we become that future version of ourselves as soon as possible.

In order to do that, you must be doing the inner work to become that person now. This is why manifestation is so much more than just writing down your affirmations.

It's about making a lasting change with who you are being and how you're showing up for your life. 

Scripting your dream life, writing your affirmations, or even reading them and saying them out loud are tools we can use to remind us of who we want to be, and that helps us become that future version of ourselves now. 

This is the real reason why scripting and affirmations are powerful.

Now that you understand the basic principle of manifesting through becoming the future version of yourself, let's get started with four powerful things you can do with scripting to help you become that version of yourself faster...

Write 5-5-5-5...

In your daily journaling, you're going to write down 5 things you are grateful for in your life, followed by 5 praises for yourself, then 5 things that remind you of how far you’ve come in your life over the last few months or years, and you'll finish with 5-10 things that you want to manifest in the future written in the present tense. 

Here's why you're writing it this way...

5 Gratitude

When you focus on what you're grateful for, you raise your vibration which helps set the stage for your future manifestations.

The energy of receiving your manifestations is gratitude, so when you focus on gratitude first, you're priming your brain and body to receive the future manifestations that you want.

Writing your five gratitude can be something as simple as...

"I'm grateful to have food on the table"

"I'm grateful to have electricity and internet"

"I'm grateful to have a roof over my head and a comfortable bed"

"I'm grateful for my friends and my family"

It can be anything. Keep it very simple and to the point.

5 Praises

The second thing to write down... is 5 things to praise yourself.

This one gets a little harder for some people because often we are very hard on ourselves. We have high expectations for ourselves and who we want to be.

But this is important because if you stepped into the version of yourself that already received the money, career, soulmate, etc. then you would be more confident, love yourself, and feel worthy of what you have. So you must embody that feeling now through the five praises.

Praise yourself for things that you like about yourself...

"I like that I'm a good communicator"

"I like that I'm a kind person"

"I like that I'm really supportive to all of my friends"

"I like that I'm beautiful"

"I like that I'm a good cook"

"I like that I am really good at my job"

"I'm a good listener"

"I'm really great at giving advice"

"I'm great at supporting others"

5 How Far You've Come

Next, I want you to write down five things about yourself, specifically how far you have come over the last few months or years.

Focus on how far you have evolved, how far you have grown, or maybe some things that you've already manifested in your life.

Look back at the last six months or even the last 10 years! It doesn't matter how recent or how far back you go. It doesn't matter how big or how small the accomplishment is.

The goal is to embody the energy of realizing that you've done a lot. You've reached a lot of goals over and over again. You've manifested things in the past without realizing you were doing it.

This section is meant to give you a feeling of empowerment!

Write down five things that you're really proud of that you physically did, that happened that you manifested...

"I lost five pounds"

"I moved to a new city"

"I got into college"

"I moved into a career that I really love"

"I got this great job"

"I have a wonderful spouse (or boyfriend, or girlfriend)"

"I've evolved emotionally over the last year"

Manifestation is not necessarily something that just pops out of thin air. But it's something that you actually created. It was a goal that you had and then you brought it into your life, whether you were conscious of it or not.

Look back and see how far you've come, because this helps you focus on closing the gap between where you were and where you are now. That's the same energy you want to feel with closing the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

5-10 Things You Want To Manifest

Now... finally... I want you to write down at least five things that you want to manifest for your future.

And I want you to write it as if you already have it.

"I am so grateful for the million dollars in my bank account"

"I am so grateful to be living with my soulmate spouse"

"I am so grateful for my perfect health"

"I am so grateful for my beautiful new car that I really love to drive and be in every day"

"I'm so grateful for living in this city... in this house... near my family"

We've primed your mind with the last three things that you wrote down to get you into a state of gratitude, get you into a state of confidence and worthiness, and get you into a state of realizing your value by how far you've come.

Now your brain, your energy, and your body are primed to focus on what you want to manifest.

You have all that beautiful energy leading up as you write down these next 5 to 10 things.

Often I find that people just write down what they want, but it feels so distant. It feels so far away.

When you do this process that I've just outlined for you, you lead up to it with more primed manifestation energy that is far more powerful.

Do Your Scripting Morning and Evening

It's ideal to do your scripting in the morning and/or the evening.

When you're in that 'sleepy' state, right in between our sleeping and waking state, your brainwave pattern is in this alpha-theta wavelength.

This is the ideal state for information moving from your conscious mind into your subconscious mind, which is the part of your mind that controls your life and manifestations.

Whether you're writing it down, saying it out loud, repeating it, feeling it, or embodying it, it's going to go into your subconscious mind faster during these times of the day.

Your subconscious mind is what is running your identity. It's running your personality. It's who you believe you are. It's your deeply-rooted belief system. That is actually what's controlling your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions every single day.

In order to make this shift to manifesting faster, it can't just happen on a conscious level.

You want to give yourself a little boost by doing it first thing in the morning so that you feel good throughout the day and you're also embodying that version of yourself and taking it in as this identity level of who you are.

Keep up this practice for as long as it takes you to manifest what you desire and become this version of yourself.

Focus On Feeling

The most important part of scripting and using affirmations is that you feel as if this is your truth.

The more energy and physicality and emotion that you have behind doing this type of scripting, the faster it will embed in your neurology, the faster you will feel it in your body, and the faster it will stick and manifest.

The emotion behind it is the most important part. The emotion is your vibration. Emotion is the frequency that you want to match to having what you desire.

The emotion is the most important part because your subconscious will always remember the emotion. It may not always remember the exact words, but it will remember how you felt and how you feel is what creates your vibrational frequency.

Your vibration is the magnet for everything that you attract in your life.

You must believe in your manifestations 100% without a shadow of a doubt. You have to have unwavering unconditional faith and allow yourself to be in that state as often as possible.

We're human... there's ebb and flow. It's okay if sometimes you doubt things... just acknowledge when you're doubting it, and then move back into the space of being in alignment, faith, and trust in receiving your manifestations.

This is the process of reprogramming yourself over and over and over again so that you actually become the identity version of the version of you.

Once you've matched the identity of yourself that has your manifestation on a mindset, emotional, and on an action level... everything you desire will manifest!

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