Letting Go And Moving On

blog emotions empath mindset Feb 26, 2018

Negative emotions don't serve us. On a deep, subconscious level, we think that by holding on to this anger, resentment, or mistrust, it's protecting us in some way. And the truth of the matter is maybe initially, those feelings were protecting you from that person or that situation or event that was hurting you. But in the long run, you're really only hurting yourself.

Your energy field is what affects every cell and every particle in your body. When you hold on to negativity, it causes an imbalance in your energy field. It can cause health problems. By holding on to negative, old energy and vibration, you’re actually sending that out and vibrating it out into the universe—bringing more negativity into your life.

Here are the four steps to help you learn how to let go.


Acknowledge what's happening inside of you. Be aware that the anger, resentment, or frustration is there. Even if you don't know what the situation was or maybe you just you feel something in your gut, it’s okay. Instead of ignoring it and pretending it's not there, just acknowledge what you’re feeling. Acknowledge the pain.

The moment you acknowledge something, you start to have the ability to make a shift.


Understand that forgiveness is the only way we can truly learn to let go. Forgive yourself for holding on to that negative emotion; there is no need to beat yourself up for holding on to it for so long. Forgive the person that hurt you.

Let go

Now that you've acknowledged and forgiven the situation, know that it doesn't serve you to hold on to it any longer. This is where we let go. Accept what once was.

Decide on your new belief

How are you going to view that situation? You can view it as a lesson learned. You can decide that perhaps you need to take a little more responsibility for it. Either way, know that there's a new belief, there’s something positive. Taking the best from each negative situation you encounter, you become a better person.

It takes time

We all hold on to things from the past—things, memories, emotions, or even resentment towards other people that may have hurt us in the past. And if you don't practice letting go, it’s going to be difficult for you to move forward and truly thrive in your life because you have these negative energies sitting within your body and within your subconscious.

Sometimes, it takes more than once to go through all this process of acknowledging, forgiving, letting go, and putting a new belief in before it truly sticks. But with things coming up on a daily basis, this should be your practice every day. Start becoming aware of what's going on inside of you and start dealing with it letting go so that you can keep moving forward. And the more you practice it, the easier it eventually gets.


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