Law of Attraction Exercises

blog law of attraction Feb 28, 2018

The law of attraction is always working. The basis of this concept implies that everything in life is created from vibration. This means we are actually more vibration than we are solid mass and so is everything else in the universe. We are constantly sending out vibrations and we can attract what we want based on what vibrations we're sending out. Whether you're aware of it or not, you are attracting specific things into your life of similar vibration to what you're sending out on a daily basis.

In order to start attracting more of those wonderful things, the goal is to start changing your vibrational patterns. In this blog, I’ve got three exercises to help create that state for you.

Vision board

A vision board gives you a visual representation of the things that you really want in your life. You can cut out pictures, you can draw and compile all of these things that you're hoping to attract into your life, but note that a vision board is nothing without any kind of interaction with it.

The important part of attracting what you want is creating the vibration. This means once you've created your vision board, try to look at it on a daily basis or maybe even a few times a day. Start to imagine yourself already having what's on your vision board. Feel it from the inside out, be grateful for everything that you've already received and everything that's coming your way.

When you start to match that vibration, the vision board is just going to be something to help assist you in creating that vibration.


Affirmations are simple, positive statements stating what you already want in a way that you already have it. For example, if you're looking for more financial abundance, then you may have an affirmation that says something along the lines of “I am grateful for all the abundant financial flow that is coming into my life.”

It should be stated positively as if it's already happening. Affirmations can be used on a daily basis. You can say them out loud, you can say them in your mind. But if you just say the words without the feeling, it's not going to be as powerful and it may take a lot longer to come into your life. You have to feel it and believe it.

Gratitude journal

By practicing gratitude, you're creating the vibrational match for everything that you desire—and a gratitude journal helps you with that. It gives you a chance to practice gratitude.

Start writing down the things in your life that you're grateful for and then say why you're grateful for it. Don't forget to repeat it, say thank you, and truly feel grateful for what you already have. You can even write down the things that you know are coming towards you.

Remember, the law of attraction is working all the time. Be more aware of your own state of being and live your life with gratitude and appreciation for everything you have. Trust and believe that everything you want is coming towards you.

Wrap up

The law of attraction is fairly simple. It just takes some practice. You have to ask the universe for what you want, be very specific and say it in a positive way. You need to believe and feel with every fiber of your being that what you want is coming into your life. Anything is possible and as long as you believe you ask very specifically, you put out that correct vibration that matches what you want. There is no way that it won't come to you if you're maintaining that vibration all the time.


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