The Truth About Karma, Past Lives, and The Law of Attraction

What is Karma?

How does it work?

How does it affect what we're trying to manifest in our life?

Is it a good thing?

Is it a bad thing?

Is it a neutral thing?

How do you navigate that entire world around your karma?

These are questions that you probably have and don't know where to find the answer to.

Well, here it is...

One reason why I wanted to write about this subject is that I've personally noticed that with a lot of my clients in my online group coaching programs and with my one-on-one students, there has a tendency to be this slight obsession with figuring out the cause and effect of why they've manifested the things that they've manifested.

Although it can be really valuable for a lot of people to reflect on their lives. They're so hard on themselves for manifesting something that they didn't want, that it actually becomes more of a negative manifestation.

It's healthier if we love ourselves unconditionally. Treat ourselves well. Let go of perfectionism. Hold on to this loving space where we're always patient and kind to ourselves with the process of learning and growing.

When we come from that loving space, and then we reflect on the cause and effect of things, then it can be a very healthy process. We can actually fully experience and take ownership of who we've been in the past with what we've done, but we can also honor and appreciate that's who we were in the past and not who we are now. 



How To Approach Negative Karma That Comes Up In Life 

When you let go of being hard on yourself...

When you let go of punishing yourself over and over again for things that are the past...

Then you actually show up in a better state... a higher level of vibration.

And that's where you want to be in order to manifest more of the good stuff!

It is completely impossible for you to figure out every train of thought and every strand of connection to your past in this lifetime or others for why you're experiencing karmic retribution. It's not important anyway. You don't need to figure it out.

Yes, it's helpful to reflect on your past patterns to learn and improve, but we don't want to overthink it and start self-blaming. That pattern of trying to figure out what went wrong is actually focusing on the negative.

So instead, let's figure out what went right, or what can I do better?

When we think about what we can do better... we can still reflect on the things that we've done in the past that maybe had a bad effect. And we can do it from a space of how can I improve this instead of focusing on the problem In the past or focusing on the punishment of the past, and then never coming up with the solution for how you're going to move forward with your life.

Karma is actually a really beautiful thing. It's not meant to be a punishment. It's meant to be neutral and how it shows up for us so that there are consequences where we can learn and grow. It's a neutral energy that just helps to balance things out. So that we can keep evolving and making choices and up-leveling.

In those are the moments when you're experiencing some level of karmic retribution...

it means this is your opportunity...

this is your chance to show up in a better way.

This is where the law of attraction really comes into play, and how it interacts with our karma.

Because that information that you're getting from your external reality, or from a way that you're feeling inside, those things, are there to teach you something to cause you to look at it and to observe it not from a place of, "Why is this happening? I'm the victim of this emotion. I'm a victim to what's going on in my circumstances." Because that's the kind of energy that's actually going to attract more of those things.

This is time for you to do the inner work, and you can clear that energy by reflecting, by showing up better, by changing who you are and how you're thinking, how you're feeling, and how you're treating the people around you.

How are you treating strangers? How are you treating your family and friends? These are things that you can do in order to balance out that karma, because again, it's not there to punish you. You're just receiving what you're putting out. Whatever you give is what you get back.

When you choose to give more love...

when you choose to show up as an honest and trustworthy person...

you are going to receive in return people and things in your environment that are trustworthy, that are stable, that honor and respect you, because that's how you are showing up for these situations.

These are the bigger lessons. These are why we have karma in our life. So we can consciously choose to show up better for our life.

Is Everything Karma?

Understand that you may have chosen big milestones in your life that are not pleasant. I believe we have sacred contracts that we decided on before coming to Earth. There are lessons you wanted to learn or things you wanted to experience in order to grow spiritually.

This is why it's important to not overthink everything bad that happens to you and label it as karma. It may have been a pre-determined life lesson that would have happened one way or another.

You may have chosen prior to coming in this lifetime to have a challenging event around your relationships, around money, around your career, your lifestyle and where you live, or maybe around health issues. So don't blame yourself.

When you hyper-fixate on negative things you think you attracted, it messes with how you're showing up at that moment. You're no longer being intentional about what you're creating. You're now dwelling on this negative spiral that's going to take you into a vortex that you don't want to go in and that's actually going to manifest things you don't necessarily want.

Why Is Planet Earth So Challenging?

Understand that planet Earth is painful for everyone.

There are things happening every single day to all of us.

We all go through hardships.

We all experience grief and anger and frustration.

We all hit rock bottom at some point in some different way.

And that is completely normal.

This is a part of being human.

This is a part of the growth process.

This is a part of your free will to choose how you're going to show up in those situations.

We can't always control the situations and the problems that show up in our life. They just happen for whatever reason, whether it's karmic retribution from a past life that you're now repaying whether it's something that you consciously chose when you were on the other side before coming to this life because you wanted to learn and experience.

It's just about learning, it's just about experiencing different things. The good, the bad, the indifferent. What we do have control over is how we show up for the situation, how we process it, how we learn, how we grow, how we allow ourselves to be present, and being self-aware in order to experience whatever this world has to offer for us.

How Does Past Life Karma Influence Us?

Another big reason why sometimes we can't ever even remotely figure out why we're experiencing certain karmic problems in our life is that we can actually have karma from past lives. But it doesn't even necessarily mean it was from the most recent life. We can reincarnate and have multiple lifetimes. The karma you're experiencing now can come from three lifetimes ago or 50 lifetimes ago.

This makes it impossible to determine where the karma came from. This makes it impossible to figure out the cause and effect of everything that happens to you. It's best to observe your life with curiosity and not be hard on yourself for anything that comes up because you never know where it originated.

There are things we might be experiencing karmically that are actually in the DNA, the actual physical part of your body and cells that you're holding on to from vibrations and energies from your parents, your grandparents, your great-grandparents. That's the physical, ancestral human lineage. You might be holding on to karma energy vibrations, like mental beliefs and paradigms and emotions, and even like physical things, physical health, things that are coming through.

But we also have the soul part of us. That is the non-physical part of us.  But that soul, part of you has lived many, many lifetimes. And each lifetime that you lived, you actually come into a different physical family tree, a different physical body, different physical energy. Your soul is a completely different compilation of all these other lives and all these other human experiences that you've had. Karma can also be playing a role in that soul part of you.

Now, do you have to know where the past life karma came from?


Do you have to pinpoint the past lifetime or pinpoint where it came and your ancestral lineage?


If you can pick it up... Great, that's fine. It's just a piece of information.

But that doesn't actually heal anything.

The healing happens with being aware of what's happening in the now and healing it in the now.

Being aware of the phobia, being aware of the sensation in your body and nervous system, being aware of the thoughts that are coming up and consciously choosing to heal that choosing to heal your body, choosing to heal your mind and transition into a space where you now feel neutral about those subjects is where the magic is.

That's the work that you need to be doing so that you have your transformation, raise your vibration, and clear out the gunk that isn't serving you anymore.

Now you're vibrating at a higher space where you're manifesting more of what you want in your life!

And that's what this is all about.

And that's what all this shadow work this inner work is about.

It's about healing so that we can experience more of the good stuff.

Because remember, the law of attraction is responding to how you respond to life.

It's not responding to your old karma.

It's not responding to those things.

It's responding to how you show up for the things that show up for you.

How you show up for the challenges in your life, how you show up and deal with your own emotions, your own thoughts, and patterns. That's what the law of attraction is responding to.

The bottom line is, that you are creating karma right now. You are always creating in the now based on how you're choosing to show up right now.


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