How Your Emotions Cause Physical Pain

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Working with patients for the last decade as an athletic trainer, I found that not all injuries and the aches and pains come from actual injuries. Our subconscious mind and repressed emotions hold tension in the physical body, eventually manifesting into pain. A lot of people feeling chronic pain that springs out of nowhere usually comes from two areas: an imbalanced body and emotional pain.

Holding on to resentment or painful memories creates a tense vibration that eventually takes a toll on your physical body. You are made up more of vibration than physical matter. In other words, the magnetic and electric vibration that comes from all your thoughts and emotions can change the physical matter in your body.

Healing methods

It's important to start putting yourself in a more positive state regularly and to raise your vibration. Eliminate some of the stresses in your life and let go of the past hatred you’re holding on to. Here are some ways to do that:


Raise your consciousness through meditation and self-reflection. By becoming aware of your own thoughts, your own patterns, you can start to make some positive shifts in your life.

Listen to your emotions

Use your emotions as your guiding system. Your emotions will always let you know if you're in alignment or out of alignment. If you have negative emotions, then you need to start looking inward. What thoughts are happening? What fears are going on? How are you viewing the world in a negative way? What are you doing that's not in alignment with who you truly want to be and where you want to be in your life?

Life is meant to be fun and when you're having fun, you're vibrating in a much more positive way. That is healing. Have fun and laugh.

Allow things to be

Start to accept and respect not only yourself but others in every way on a daily basis. Practice forgiveness daily. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools for healing.

Set your goals

Reach for all of your goals in life—whether it's a hobby, a career, or lifestyle changes that you want to make. There's a reason you have a desire for these positive changes in your life. And there's no time like the now. Move towards the things that you want and make them happen. Let go of your excuses and start reaching for your goals in life.

Nurture relationships

Heal your relationships, improve your communication skills, say the things that are hard to say, because that's what's really gonna get you to the next level of having healthy relationships.

Do your best

Always do your best in any situation, even in the littlest things. Even when you're doing the dishes, you can be doing your best. As long as you're always doing your best, then there are never any regrets in life.

Don’t take things too personally

It's important not to take things personally. By taking things personally from other people, you're allowing those other people to have power over you. We're all living from our own viewpoint and from our own filters in life and our own drives. We all have different choices to make. Live your life the way you want to live it in the best way possible.

Follow your intuition

Start to follow your gut instinct by being fully present and in the moment. You will find so much clarity in your life, actions, and choices. Sometimes, we get caught up in the mind chatter, but living in the now will completely change how you view the world. It can ground you and help change your vibration level to help heal some of that physical pain.

A great book that you might want to look into is Louis Hay’s Heal Your Body, Heal Your Life. She does a wonderful job of focusing on the spiritual and emotional aspects of how we hold physical pain in our bodies. It has a lot of wonderful affirmations and you can even lookup the different body parts that you might be having some physical pain in and start to do some emotional exploration in those areas.


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