How To Understand Your Intuition

blog intuition psychic Jun 07, 2020

We are all intuitive beings. We have the ability to reach out and understand intuitive messages that are coming through every single day.

We receive vibrational energy information that our physical body is decoding and turning into an experience. If you are truly tapped into your intuition, that is when you're able to pick up the signs that the universe is sending you. That is your intuition. We all have access to it—it just depends on how you're focusing your intention.

Intuition vs. ego

The difference between something that is an intuitive piece of information and something that merely comes from your ego is the quality of the energy behind it. Intuitive information is going to feel much lighter. It's going to be very simple, clear, concise, with not many emotions attached to it. Intuitive information has this sense of calm knowing and understanding that just shows up. That is your inner wisdom.

On the other hand, your ego tends to be a little louder. It wants to grab your attention. It's going to be at the forefront of your mind. Oftentimes, it’s going to use logic and rationalization. It’s going to try to find a way to get you to believe it.

Ego can come in the form of an incessant internal dialogue. It can even trick you and mimic that quiet voice because it knows you're analyzing the difference between the two.

If you have simple and gentle visions that come through maybe a couple of times a day or once a week, that's going to be your intuition. Whereas if you have a worry or something that’s been on the back of your mind a lot, that’s not necessarily your intuition. That may be coming from your subconscious and your ego.

Decoding symbolism

Many also find difficulty with decoding and deciphering symbolism. Understand that a symbol for me may have a different meaning for you. Sometimes, we even receive symbolic information through spirit animals. You start seeing butterflies everywhere you go or maybe it's coming through in your dreams. Do a little bit of digging and reflecting on what these symbols might mean for us.

There are a lot of great dream dictionaries and resources out there that you can look into. Where does it take place? It is at a mall? A theme park? If it’s somewhere busy, then that dream may have something to do with your relationship with the outer community; with how other people view you. If the dream takes place in the bathroom, that could mean that you are processing and releasing some information or some emotions that you need to let go of. That's where we expel the waste things that no longer serve us.

The second thing you want to look at is how you felt emotionally within your dream. Emotions are going to be the strongest indicator of what that dream represents for you. What is the subconscious meaning behind it? Sometimes our dreams are things that we just need to release from our life.

You also want to look at the characters or people in your dream. They may actually represent specific people in your life but they can also represent different pieces of you—different parts of your emotions, personality, even past events that maybe you need to process out of your life.

Why symbols?

The reason why a lot of intuitive information—whether it's in our daydreams or night dreams—come through as symbolism is because we can pack so much information into one symbol. You can have an entire history in one small symbolic piece of information. Intuitive information can be very compact and dense. It's just a much faster way to receive a lot of information in one given moment.

Is this intuitive information for me?

Apart from decoding intuitive messages, you have to also know when the intuitive information is not yours. If you are an empath, you are going to be picking up a lot of energetic information which can cause you to hold on to energy information that is not yours.

You don't need to do anything with it other than just let it move through you—but this takes practice. You have to practice moving that energy through you so that you are able to still be clear and open to receiving new information.

Start opening yourself up

You can heighten your awareness so you’re able to receive clear guidance. In order to achieve that, you have to build a certain level of trust with your intuition. This means you have to put it into practice. Focus on the intuitive nudges that are coming through. You have to sit with it. You spend some time with it and start to build that relationship. The more you do that, the more clarity you will have over the messages that are coming through for you.


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