How To Manifest Instantly

If we are not allowing things into our life, how do we expect to receive the manifestations that we are looking for? For the Law of Attraction, like attracts like energy. When you think negative thoughts, you attract more negative things into your life—and the opposite is also true. By showing up as a more positive person, we can get the law of attraction working for us.

The Art of Allowing 

The art of allowing is simply about drawing in. We have to allow things in, but part of that allowing is also allowing everything else in the universe to be as it is—to be okay with things as they are even though there may be some things that we would like to see differently.

It all starts with recognizing where you are not allowing things. Ask yourself some probing questions: “What am I putting up with?” “How can I shift that so that I actually stop being a victim of what I'm experiencing?” “How do I take back my control?”

Appreciating and allowing of oneself always comes first. Most of us at some point in our life, feel a sense of unworthiness. We can be very resentful towards ourselves. We have high expectations of who we expect ourselves to be who we want to be. And often we feel like we can never live up to it. This is a pattern that I see with so many of my clients and it was something that I did for most of my life. But as you become aware of that, and as we start to heal ourselves and realize that we are worthy of good things, that is when the magic happens.


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