How To Listen To Your Intuition More

Having a daily intuitive practice starts with just opening your awareness. Be aware of intuitive information that shows up for you. Notice the thoughts, the visions, the emotions, the knowings, and the physical sensations that you experience on a daily basis. When you start paying more attention, you will naturally become more intuitive.

It's just about choosing where you focus your attention and energy.

Make yourself more receptive to intuitive information

It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy that is our lives. But when we start to pull back, we slow down and quiet the mind a little bit. We start to become more present in life. We start to notice the subtle shifts with in ourselves. This is when we open ourselves up. That's as simple as it needs to be when it comes to having a daily intuitive practice.

If you're curious about the next step in your life, simply ask your intuition. Ask the universe, ask your angels, ask your guides for an answer—then wait and see what shows up for you. Take a moment to notice what kind of information you're receiving. Get in the habit of asking your intuition on a daily basis. Put the intention out there that you are going to receive guidance from a higher source than from your logical mind.

What if I don’t get answers?

If you're asking your intuition questions, and you're not receiving any answers, it may just be your human physical awareness getting in the way. Put away tension you might be carrying. Let go of low grade stress. You can open yourself up through three ways:

  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Progressive relaxation

When you’re able to just surrender, you open yourself up to higher guidance. Remember that this takes time to practice, so give yourself some grace, some patience. Just like any other skill set that you're developing, it takes time to develop your intuition. But once you put in regular practice, all else just starts to click. Everything will become effortless and over time, you will get more clarity.


I highly recommend to journal the information that you're receiving so you can have something to reflect and ponder back on. And once you do get back on your notes, this will help you enter a relaxed state. You’ll be able to access your deeper subconscious, making it easier for you to process subconscious information.

Pendulums and kinesiology

Another daily practice that I love to utilize is using a pendulum. A pendulum is simply a string with something hanging on it. Even something as simple as a string with a paper clip on it is good enough to make a pendulum. Pendulums are an extension of your physical body. It responds to very subtle energy information within you. You can train your pendulum to give you intuitive information. But you can also opt to receive information without a pendulum. This is called applied kinesiology or muscle testing.

So if you’re trying to do some intuitive questioning and you don’t seem to be receiving divine input, applying kinesiology or using a pendulum are great ways to enhance results. 

What to do with intuitive information

You have to move forward quickly with the intuitive information and guidance that's coming Through for you. It's there for a reason. So if you start to doubt it, that is time you're spending where you're not in alignment with the things that you want to manifest. You’re no longer in alignment with the law of attraction if you're not following your intuition.

So if you want to be an awesome manifester, the key is following your intuition. First be aware of it, notice it, and then take the action. That’s when everything just shows up for you.

Things to note

Energy Information is very subtle, which means it takes time to build that trust with that subtle information. But eventually, if you’re being mindful and aware enough, that energy information will become stronger.


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