How To Let Go Of Other People's Energy

Energy is not something that is static. As we are changing throughout the day, we are also mixing with other people's energies. It creates a constant ebb and flow in a sea of vibrations. If you are not paying attention to your own energetic system regularly, you are at the whim of all of your external circumstances. You are at the whim of taking on energy from other people. It's an unnecessary process that gradually destroys. 

How do I let go of negative energy?

In order to let go, first, you need to be self-aware. Locate where you hold tension, and then release it. Get yourself into a comfortable position, make sure there are no distractions, and then close your eyes. Do a quick scan of your body.

Ask yourself: am I holding on to something that no longer serves me? Am I holding on to someone else's energy that I need to let go of? Typically, your intuition will give you an answer. You will either see a picture of someone's face or hear their name. Someone will bound to come up in your mind.

If it’s not an actual person or object, your intuition may guide you toward the negative energy brewing inside the physical body. Remember that every cell in our body is made up of energy. Every organ, every limb has a different vibration. Things can shift inside and can come and go in waves.


Ask yourself questions like: do I need to know whose energy this is? Is it someone else’s? Or is it mine? Is this something that I've been holding on to for too long? And you might get some answers there.

Other times we don't need to know anything. We just need to note that tension, acknowledge it, then let it go. It simply no longer serves, so you choose to surrender and release. You choose to receive in a state of peace—a state of surrender.

The process varies from one person to the next. Some people get creative and pull that energy out of them—they stuff the energy in a little box, tie it with a bow tie, and hand it back to the person originally holding that energy. 

So find what works for you and what feels best for you. And as soon as you completely surrender yourself in a state of peace, you slowly become more adept at it—at letting go.


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