How To Get A Psychic Reading

blog psychic Oct 25, 2020

When a psychic is giving a prediction, they are raising their vibration to a level where they're tapping into the unseen spiritual world. In that realm, time, space, and dimensions collide, allowing us to connect with guides, angels, or loved ones that have passed on and enabling us to find information that is already out there.

How it works

Having intuitive and psychic skills allows you the ability to project your own consciousness into someone else's energy field, into the unknown. I personally focus on utilizing this skill to help people heal and master their life.

When it comes to predicting things in the future, you have free will. You are in control of your life, you have the power to change that. And often, when we do a psychic prediction, people then now have that information and they make different choices; better choices.

If you've ever had a psychic reading and it did not come out the way you expected it, understand that the reading is not necessarily wrong because not everything is predestined. It's just based on that trajectory. If you make some changes in your life, small or big, just choosing to be more self-aware of your own patterns, you can shift your future.

Often, there's an energy block where you won't be able to receive information you are not ready for or open to. It won't come through the psychic nor will it come through for you in any kind of reading. There are some things that we're just not meant to know. You will only receive information that might be helpful for you that you might need to know in order to move your life in the right direction.

Also, if you're just not open, if you’re not letting your psychic come into your energy field, then you're going to be harder to read. So if you're interested in psychic readings, be sure that you're open and ready to receive whatever comes through for you.

Ways to receive psychic information + proper etiquette

There are two different ways that we can receive psychic information. One is simply by asking questions. By asking specific questions, you are then out loud asking the universe, your angels, for direction in a specific area of your life, whether it's health, relationships, career, even finance. Another way to receive psychic information is through tarot card reading. Each tarot card represents a window into your soul, allowing your psychic to give you information and guidance on your life.

Do not be demanding

When you show up to a psychic session, don't outright demand your psychic to just tell you something. To just go into someone's energy field and pull something out or predict something for the future doesn't really work that way. It's not fun for us. It's much better when you come to a psychic and you have some questions or thoughts that you want guidance on. That way, it becomes a productive session and it becomes a way of helping guide you through your life instead of something that's just completely random.

Do not test your psychic

Also, if you’re just trying to test a psychic, to see if they are legitimate, you are coming forth with an energy vibration of doubt of trying to test someone else's skills. That energy gets in the way and could very much lead to a mucky reading. Therefore, I highly recommend that you come forth with an open mind and an open heart. Be transparent and honest so we can help you the best that we can.

Be specific with your questions

Every psychic is going to have different skill sets as well. Keep in mind their background or what their specialty is. The more specific you can be with the type of questions that you ask, the better the answers you're going to get.

Not everything is black or white. There is no perfect path. You have free will. You have choices. With that in mind, be open to knowing and understanding that you may not get ‘yes or no’ answers all the time. More often than not, there are many shades of grey within the answers that you are going to receive from your readings.


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