How To Attract Your Soulmate Fast

This specific writing is all about how to attract your soulmate—specifically your twin flame soulmate.

What is a soulmate?

You are a soul and a soul mate is a soul friend. These are people that you reincarnate with. They could be your friends, your family members, your loved ones; people that come in and out of your life.

A twin flame soulmate is a person that feels like your other half. Maybe they're there in your life for a specific chapter. They could be lifelong friends. They might be someone that helped you through a really big crisis or someone you went through with something really amazing together.

It is a really beautiful experience to have a deep soul connection with a person, but not everyone experiences that in every lifetime. What most people experience is called serial monogamy. That's when you have one long term relationship after another. Each relationship is meant to help you grow, to have different experiences. That's actually the most common thing.

But what we're here to talk about today is how to get more in alignment with your own higher self so that you can actually attract that twin flame soulmate. A big part of that journey is going to involve inner work when we start focusing on elevating our own vibration.

What attracts your twin flame soulmate?

How you show up is what draws everything into your current lifetime. In order to draw your twin flame soulmate, that feeling of having someone there for you, you must first create that feeling within yourself.

You must feel whole

It's about learning to heal yourself first so that you can draw in someone at a higher level. Everything doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect; it’s more about stepping into the best version of you now. It’s about improving yourself every day, having more self love every day, having more compassion for yourself and others.

As you get clear on what you want, you start to step into the role of the greater version of yourself. That is the big key here—stepping into the version of yourself that already has that relationship, and then let it go. Simply set the intention and then do your inner work. That's really how you attract your twin flame soulmate.

Good communication skills

When we're unable to express ourselves, it's harder to have that deep connection with soulmate relationships. And so being really open to communicating and expressing yourself even when it's difficult is going to be a really big key and allowing yourself to have. 

What repels your twin flame soulmate?

There are things you might unknowingly be doing that could potentially repel your twin flame soulmate. Here are some of the major factors.


Neediness emits a heavy energetic vibration. When you feel like you have to have that soulmate relationship, that actually repels the higher level deep relationships that you're looking for. Instead, you should be able to feel whole and complete on your own. If you're in a codependent relationship, just be aware of that pattern and start to heal.


The second thing that repels your twin flame soulmate is fear. If you're afraid of getting hurt, to let people in, you won’t be able to express your true self. This makes it harder for our soulmate to see who we really are. Pain is part of relationships. When you understand and accept that, then it's not so scary (just know that this type of conflict does not include physical abuse, or extreme verbal abuse because none of that is okay.)


Another thing that repels your soulmate relationship is judging too quickly. When we're nitpicking someone apart and having unrealistic expectations, chances are you also do that to yourself.

So, be open and allow yourself to experience a lot of different personalities because sometimes the first experience of someone is not always the deeper version of who their soul really is. You might be missing out on some opportunities there.


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