How Is Pride Holding You Back?

abundance blog mindset Jan 09, 2018

Pride is an inwardly directed emotion that can be used in both positive and negative ways. On the positive spectrum of pride, it can be used in a very humble attachment to your own values and accomplishments. It's important to be proud of the things that we do especially if we've accomplished something that we've been working very hard towards. That said, pride in this context can be utilized in a positive way.

However, your pride also has a shadow side which can come from a foolish or irrational way of thinking and viewing your accomplishments, your values, or maybe even your status. This side of pride is what we’re going to be talking about here.

Your pride blocks you from allowing other people to help you 

Pride that comes from the ego may actually be holding you back from receiving things in your life. For example, someone stubborn may think that if another person gets something done, they're not going to do it the way I want it to be done. This is an example of pride; thinking you are the only one who can get things done the right way.

What that does is it puts you and your ego on this “I'm better than other people” pedestal; that no one else can live up to your own standards. This only blocks you from allowing other people to help you. It blocks you from allowing people to come into your life and help unload some of that burden. When you're stubborn and you're using pride in this way, you cut yourself off from others. You create a barrier and distance between you and other people.

Your pride creates more burden in your life

Not only are you not allowing other people to help you, but you're blocking a deeper connection with those around you, putting more stress and burden on your end. People enjoy helping other people, so allow people to come into your life and help you when you need it. Don't let your pride get in the way, all of these things are coming from a place of ego.

Your pride closes you off from other (greater) possibilities

If you come from a very fixed mindset where you believe that there are no other possibilities, you’re limiting yourself in that way and that's where pride comes from. You think that there's only one way to do things and any other way is going to be a burden or it's not possible for whatever reason.

Letting go of pride

One effective way of letting go of pride is to be simply aware of it. Start to notice when you have this pattern of putting these walls up and these blockages and not allowing other people to come in and help you. Once you have that awareness, you can start to change. Allow people to come into your life. Allow yourself to unload that burden.

Be open to giving and receiving. It will tenfold the quality of your life if you start to allow yourself to give and receive in a loving way. Start to reframe your mindset on what the world has and what the possibilities are out there.



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