Hidden Messages in Water

blog mindset spirituality Feb 19, 2018

Our bodies are made of 70% water. As a fetus, we are about 99% water and if you live to old age, you may be reduced to about 50% water. Either way you look at it, we are primarily made of water molecules which means we are very susceptible to the energy and vibrations around us.

The crystal water experiment

Japanese photographer Masaru Emoto did some amazing photography of water crystals. He infused the water crystals with different words, music, and intention. He then took water from all over the world. He found that different water crystals are formed based on the intention and he did a variety of experiments where he wrote words on jars of water to see how the words affected the water.

What he noticed is that just the written word alone in different languages would completely change the crystals of the water. Negative words turned out to be chaotic blobs and wouldn't even form crystals whereas beautiful words like love and gratitude would create these beautiful water crystals.

Many of today's modern-day treatments use chlorine in a variety of our cities to start to clean the water which is very detrimental to our health. Emoto would have people pray over the water. He looked at how different styles of music affected water and even showed how water from different parts of the world created different crystalline structures. Emoto even did before and after pictures with clean water so you can see how water looked prior to any intention being placed on it.

Water crystals and the human core

These crystals are an amazing example of some visual representation of what we already know within ourselves. When someone says something nice to you, you feel good. You can feel the shift in your body. When someone says something negative to you, you can feel how that hurts and the disarray it draws into your energy system.

Crystals are just a physical representation of the way that we can see how our intention, our thoughts, what we say, and how the vibrations we send out into the world affect us and others. Water is so malleable—it is very easily affected by energetic vibrations, by words, and by intention just like how our bodies are affected very readily by words and intention as well, so be aware of your words. Be aware of what you're saying in your own mind. Be aware of what you're saying to others and the intention that you're putting out into the world around you and within you. The most beautiful water crystals were ones of love and gratitude, to start to practice love and gratitude more in your life!


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