How To Get Rid of GHOSTS and SPIRITS in Your Home

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 Clearing your home of ghosts and spirits is something I think we should all know how to do.

I find that there's a lot of misconception about spirits and people are afraid of the idea of having spirits in their homes.

There's a lot of amplification of irrational fears for most people when it comes to this subject simply because they don't understand spirits and how they work.

From my personal experience... this is where I get excited! I'm excited to share with you that it's really not that big of a deal.

Hollywood makes it seem so much worse than it really is. All you're seeing is less than 1% on TV of what's really happening in the spiritual world, and movies over exaggerate things to create drama.

Almost everyone has some sort of spirit that wanders through their home at some point. It is very, very normal. We live in dimensions that overlay on top of each other. So of course, there's going to be stuff all around you. You just don't know it's there.

I say this not to freak you out, but to help you to understand that this is a normal thing. I want to normalize the idea of having spirits around us and having spirits in our homes. I see them when I go to friends' houses, and I have cleared out spirits from every apartment and home that I've lived in over the last decade.

I've even had some wander in and had to clear them out. It's totally normal. I want to make sure that you understand it's really not that scary.



It isn't uncommon to have spirits roaming around in our homes. The majority of the time, these spirits are just lost in and in between worlds. Perhaps they didn't feel ready to leave the Earth plane, they may have business they left unfinished, or there was some sort of confusion during their death and they didn't end up crossing over.

The far majority of the time, these spirits are NOT BAD, so there's nothing to be scared or frightened about. Hollywood has depicted ghosts and spirits as being demonic and harmful to humans, but those are very rare cases!

With that said, their lingering energy may be affecting you or your loved ones and you don't even realize it. If they are confused, lost, angry, unsettled, or holding onto resentment from their lifetime, you may be unconsciously feeling that energy. So it's still a good idea to clear your space. 

I personally have done dozens of house clearings and communicated with the spirits as they left the property. They are often loving and grateful for the guidance to move on to the light.

This process can be very simple, and you can make it fun by adding more ritual practices to it. Use the following guidelines, have fun with it, and make it your own!

Read all directions before starting the house-clearing process. 

Gather Items for Your House Clearing Ritual

Essential Items:

  • White Sage
  • Matches or lighter
  • Abalone Shell or a bowl/plate to catch ashes


Optional Items:

  • Candle(s)
  • Crystals or stones
  • Incense, essential oil, or diffuser
  • Statues, ornaments, flowers, or plants
  • Photos (loved ones, angles, spiritual/religious symbols)
  • Affirmation cards, angel cards
  • Singing bowls or music


Create an Alter (Optional)

Creating an altar is a way to enhance your connection to the spiritual realm in a symbolic way for the house clearing. It is not essential if you don't feel comfortable creating an altar. Simply saying an opening prayer and doing a sage clearing with an incantation is all you essentially need to do. 

If you choose to create an altar, it can be as simple as lighting a white candle and opening it in prayer. You can make it more fun and symbolic if you choose to by pulling together items that you may already have around your home and setting them on a table or shelf. You can organize them in a beautiful way and say your opening prayer over the altar.


Opening Prayer 

Setting the intention for your house clearing begins with an opening prayer. This is the ideal time to call in your angels, spirit guides, loved ones, God, Jesus, Buddha, or whoever else you want to be there to support you during this process. Set the intention of only those of the highest love and light to be present in your home. If you choose to have a candle and/or incense, you can light them before or during your prayer.


Sample Opening Prayer:

"God, angels, spirit guides, and loved ones of the highest love and light, I call you in to assist me in clearing the energy of my home and creating a safe, sacred space to live for me and my family. We have a happy, loving home and welcome only those souls of a high vibration. Anyone here that is not of the highest vibration in love and light will leave today and never return. Thank you for your assistance in the process."


Ritual Clearing

Before you start the ritual, open a door or window to the outside in each room if possible. Once you start the sage clearing process, you will be directing any unwelcome spirits to exit through the open window or door and never return. Doors, windows, archways, and mirrors are portals for spirits to travel in and out of the Earth plane and spiritual plane, so it's helpful to have a clear exit for them during the clearing process.

As you sage each room, you will repeat an incantation, which is your declaration over the space in your home. You can create your own incantation or use the one I provide in this guide. The incantation is meant to be an empowering statement that lets all spirits know this is your home, and you choose who is welcome here and who is not. 

Although it is nice to approach your clearing and incantation from a warm space of heart energy, sometimes you need to speak with more power, force, and conviction in order for the stubborn spirits to realize they aren't welcome and leave. I've known some people who felt the need to yell at the spirits to leave, which finally did the trick to clear their space. It isn't always needed, but it's an option if you continue to experience their presence after doing the first clearing.

When you are ready, light the tip of the sage and blow on it to get it smoking without the flame. Use your abalone shell or bowl/plate to catch any ashes that fall as you work your way through each room of your home. Start in one corner of the room and gently wave the sage to move the smoke through space. Work your way around the room starting low and waving the sage up to cover the entire room. Use a good amount of sage smoke for each room, but not so much that the air is super thick or uncomfortable to be in. 

Start in one room and work your way through the house. In each room, draw a cross symbol over each window, door, archway, and mirror. This symbol will protect each portal from future lower vibrations entering your space. Say your incantation repeatedly while doing this process.

Sample Incantation:

"This home is a space of pure love and light. Only those that I choose are welcome in my home. Anyone that is not of the highest vibration of love and light must leave now! Through the open door or window. It is time for you to go to the light and cross over."


Closing Prayer

It is always nice to finish any ritual with a closing prayer. This is a great time to slow down and feel the energetic shift that has just taken place in your home and to thank all of your guides, angels, and loved ones for helping you clear your home. If you have an altar or candle set up, you can blow out the candle after your prayer and put the altar away or leave it up as long as you like as a reminder of the renewed energy you've created for your home space.

Sample Closing Prayer:

"Thank you, God, angels, spirit guides, and loved ones for helping me clear the energy in my home. I am grateful for your ongoing support in my home and in my life. My home is my sacred space filled with high vibrations of love and light. My family is safe now and always."


Repeat this process if needed. A general sage clearing of your home (without the ritual of casting out spirits) is an idea to do on a periodic basis, as our home can become stagnant with the energy of our own emotions from day-to-day living and family arguments over time. 

Enjoy your House Clearing Ceremony!


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