Everything in Life is a Test

blog emotions mindset Aug 10, 2017

Today, I just wanted to talk about this concept of adopting the idea that everything in life is a test. When you start to realize that everything in life is a test, you start to make different choices. If you are constantly reacting the same way to stressful situations and wonder why things don't change, take it as a sign that you need a moment to reflect on how you are dealing with the situation. The Universe puts us into certain situations all the time in order to challenge us and to help us make better choices—they help us mature. 

If everything was wonderful and easy all the time, we wouldn't really learn and grow which is what this life is all about; it’s about the experiences that you have and learning from those experiences.

So, I just want to challenge you a little bit—to look at things differently. For my own personal life, I have a tendency to put myself into a state of stress and anxiety. I worry too much, but then I realized that when I simply let go, trust God’s plan, and change how I react to my daily stress, it really changed the quality of my life.

There will be things, situations, and people you simply cannot control. Know that there's only one thing you can really control in the situation: how you show up.

It's a very simple concept to adopt, but it definitely takes some practice. I've already seen it work some miracles in my life, so hopefully, it will help help you work some miracles in your life as well.


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