Business Intuition: How To Make Decisions

blog intuition mindset Aug 16, 2020

Both intuition and logic are important to have when running a business or career. When we use only our intuition, we tend to make rash and flighty decisions; use only logic and you’ll easily burnout and lose your drive. So how do you bring both of them together? How do you use your intuition to improve your career?

Step 1: Collect information

In following your intuition when running a business in general, we need to collect information. If you're thinking about making a business decision, always do your research. Figure out what kind of industry you want to be in. List down all the next steps that might lead towards creating more success.

You can do this by (and this is not limited to) taking courses online, doing seminars, having a mentor or a coach. Find someone to teach and guide you.

It’s important to know all the facets of your business. You need to understand your marketing, copywriting, even down to the backend. That way, as you start to hire other people, you’ll know how to manage them. It is your business, it is your baby. It's your vision, your passion, your dream.

Step 2: Ask your intuition

Once you have collected your information, it’s time to decide how you make decisions.

Often, people get into a logical side of their mind where it's just checklists and a lot of pros and cons. And that's a good place to start. We want to logically pull in all of that information so that we have something to choose from so that we can be level headed about the decisions that we're making.

But first, we need to ask our intuition. Look deep within yourself. Open yourself up. Instead of getting into the logical thinking mind, we're going to slow that part of the brain down and focus more on how you feel…what’s going on inside of you.

Step 3: Know your yes’s and no’s

In order to follow your intuition, you must know what is a yes and no for you. This is where a lot of logical and business-minded people get a little bit stuck. To them, everything is numbers and stats. But in reality, the numbers work for some people and the numbers don't work for others.

Layout all your logical options, then assess them intuitively. Does this particular option excite you? Listen to your inner self. It has to feel right. It's all based on what you feel, not what you think. It’s about what you’re experiencing.

Your intuition is often not logical. It comes from a space of energy. It comes from a space of this inner knowing and understanding of what truly does feel right for you. People receive intuitive information in many ways. You might receive a visual impression, a physical sensation. Notice all these little subtle shifts that happen within you as you're making these decisions.

Step 4: Be aware of your fears

Sometimes fear comes up—it just does. What you need to do instead is to check in on them because you might be avoiding something. You might be experiencing a little bit of resistance even though that's the correct next step for you.

When it comes to following your intuition, know it's not all sunshine and roses. Typically, you won't experience the excitement if it's something that just doesn't resonate with you.

Step 5: Ask clarifying questions to your intuition

Once you notice things coming up for you, ask yourself some clarifying questions. Does this particular choice feel like it's not right because I'm afraid of something? Notice what comes up. Is it because I'm afraid to spend the money on this course or this coaching program?

Start asking yourself some probing questions. We need to do a little bit of digging within ourselves to find out really what's going on in the inner world.


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