Are You In Alignment With Your Spiritual Power?

blog mindset Feb 14, 2018

Your spiritual power is a wonderful thing. It is a place where you are feeling self-love, confidence. You feel calm, a sense of relief, and you're living in the flow of life. It allows you to be present and connected to everything that you want to do.

What it means to be in alignment

Spiritual power comes from being in alignment with your heart without having a lot of baggage connected to it. It is a state of being that we want to be in. When we're in alignment with our own spiritual power, things are going our way. Your subconscious mind is in line with all of the things that you want to attract into your life. You feel good about yourself, you have big, wonderful dreams that you are reaching for and they are reaching back to you. Things are flowing and everything seems a little bit easier. You're enjoying life. You're taking time for yourself, spending time with your friends, your loved ones, you're moving forward in your career and enjoying life to the fullest.

Being out of alignment

When we are out of alignment, we feel stuck. We feel a little frustrated. Maybe you're procrastinating. You feel barriers and everything just seems a little more difficult. These are all things we feel when we're out of alignment. Any kind of negativity is considered blocks.

Things holding you back from spiritual alignment

To get into alignment, we have to look at what we're thinking, believing, and feeling. Start to look at what you want out of life and ask yourself if you have any doubts or fears keeping you from success. Maybe you're looking to get a raise at work, you're looking to be promoted, or maybe you own your own business and you want to expand. Maybe you're looking to attract your ideal partner, improve your marriage. Think of the things that may be getting in the way of you believing that it's possible to have what you want. Do you have any thoughts or beliefs that go against what you really want out of life? Do you often make excuses for yourself? Are you complaining? Are you finding ways of blaming other people or other situations or other things for not having what you want?

Making excuses, blaming, and chronic complaining are all blockages that might be preventing you from actually getting what you want out of life. They're preventing you from being in alignment with your own spirit and your own power. If you don’t let go of these bad habits, you're never going to be in alignment, so start breaking down some of these limiting beliefs that you have and start changing them so that you have new positive beliefs.

Ways to get back into alignment

There are many ways to get back into alignment. One example is subconscious reprogramming where you're repeating specific affirmations day by day which gradually helps with your mindset. Other examples are guided meditations or self-hypnosis on a regular basis.

Meditation is another great way to start to get back into your spiritual alignment. By meditating and quieting your mind, it allows you to start to become aware of the repetitive thoughts inside your head. It builds a deeper connection with your intuition. By doing that, you can have some major breakthroughs such as understanding and letting go of a lot of the fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that you have.


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