Are You Growing Older or Younger?

blog mindset spirituality Apr 27, 2017

Today, I want to talk about the importance of being childlike. I had a great conversation with a random group of people in the parking lot today and it just really inspired me to speak about this. 

The older we get, the more we normally tend to get very bogged down—why is that? I really think it's because we tend to lose this concept of being childlike, of having this unlimited amount of curiosity. It’s important to be learning and growing all the time and when you stop learning and growing, you get stuck in your ways; you end up only hurting yourself.

As long as you're learning and growing, you keep yourself open. Open-mindedness is so important; it’s what allows us to continue that growth whether it is mental, emotional, spiritual, or anything in life.

There are a couple of things that are really great about embracing your childlike wonder: the willingness to learn, the constant opportunity to grow, and also the fun that comes with it. It's something that we should all embrace. We need to embrace life instead of resisting it.

The moment we lose our childlike glimmer is when we become a little more hardened. We lose that curiosity. We think we know everything. We think we know the answers to things which eventually makes you close-minded. When you're close-minded, you lose out on a lot of opportunities. You're closing yourself off to potential new people that you may meet and that may open you up to a whole new world of things. They could have helped you grow and prosper.

As long as we're resisting life, we're not going to experience happiness to its full potential. Life is about exploring; life is about being open. It's about creating a world of fun and really embracing everything that's around us.


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